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Huge Participation at Jamshedpur Carnival

Jamshedpur, December 20, 2017

Day 3 saw young artists at Gopal Maidan for a painting competition organized by the Jamshedpur School of Art. From 10 am to around 12.30 pm more than 200 contestants were spread out on the lawn at the Maidan engrossed in their artistic creations. Participants were divided into three groups, given a theme each. The Under 8 group's topic was "Anything you like; the 9 to 14 years group was given, Landscape with figures; while the 15 and Above group had to paint on "Jamshedpur, Smart City.

The same day saw two sessions of a "Master Chef" style cooking competition organized by the Jamshedpur Hoteliers Association. Smita Parikh, Past President of the Hoteliers Association, and chief organizer of the master chef event talked about how a visit by the celebrated chef Sanjeev Kapoor a few years earlier was such a hit, that it was evident that there was a need to tap into the local enthusiasm for cooking, especially among women.

Thus, the Carnival's master chef cooking competition was born. This year there were two sessions. approximately 30 participants participated in both sessions, where they were judged on both taste and presentaion.  The morning was for a bread-based entry, savoury or sweet. The afternoon featured a salad making competition. Young aspiring chef Keshav Dhoot of Class VII Loyola -school prepared a ''khoi-boondi-corn-salad''. Asked what got him interested him in participating in the competition, he said with a big smile, "I love to cook for my friends and family, and I love to cook because I love food". 

Local Chefs from the town's best restaurants and hotels served as judges for the entries. As he went around sampling the preparations, Chef Gurung of Hotel Fortune Select, one of the three judges at the competition found this to be a great experience, "An opportunity for me to encourage young participants and housewives in the city in their passion and learn from them as well!"

The evening brought a blast of rock music for hundreds of assembled youngsters! Nearly six bands from around India came to perform in both English and Hindi, each blasting away with their own band of rock. Bands came from Delhi,  Ranchi and included The Overtime Project from Kolkata and Jamshedpur's own - Beyond Horizons from Jain College. Finally, it was Lagori, a band from Bangalore that headlined the evening's program and Day 3 to a rousing finale. 

Programme for 21st December 2017:

 Celebrity Mega Musical Evening featuring Javed Ali from 5:30 pm onwards