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TMH Express

Jamshedpur, May 05, 2016

Tata Digital Health (TDH), the Tata Group’s foray into the world of healthcare aims to fundamentally transform primary healthcare by creating an integrated network of services spanning healthcare providers and consumers. TDH seeks to empower each and every stakeholder in the healthcare system through:

    • secure and portable repository of personal health records
    • A seamlessly connected and carefully curated ecosystem of healthcare providers
    • A digital infrastructure of innovative customised software applications and integrated point of care devices for the healthcare provider

TDH has chosen Jamshedpur and Bangalore as initial launch cities for the platform. The Jamshedpur initiatives were launched on 3rd March (Founder's Day) by Group Chairman Mr. Cyrus Mistry. Tata Digital Health sees Jamshedpur as its showcase city for the country-wide roll out. The company has setup a world-class digitally integrated pharmacy in front of TMH. The roll out of digital platform is in progress at TMH and allied clinics.

TMH Express
TMH Express is a fast track channel in the TMH OPD which offers a seamless appointment-free, digitized healthcare experience to the patients. Using the TDH platform, the service offering includes a pre-consulting routine, conducted using state of the art digital point-of- care devices. Pre-consultation comprises compulsory measurement of basic parameters such as blood-pressure, blood-glucose, and body temperature. This is followed by the doctor’s consultation on a digital interface where the doctor enters the diagnosis and prescription on an electronic medical records platform. TMH Express also facilitates priority specialist referrals as and when required. This service also offers the utility of digitized health records, which will be accessible to the patients in the form of an interactive interface.

TMH Clinics
Tata Digital Health aims to empower the delivery of a digitized healthcare experience at TMH Clinics using the Tata Health+ platform and connected point of care devices. This will replicate the TMH Express experience at the clinics. The TDH platform, at present has been rolled out at the Kadma and Sakchi dispensaries, which will be subsequently followed by roll-out at other dispensaries.

Tata Health+ Pharmacy
Tata Digital Health has also come up with a retail pharmacy, just outside the TMH main gate, serving all patients with a diversified portfolio comprising branded medicines, injectibles, OTC and rehabilitation products. This pharmacy which is open from 6 a.m. in the morning to 12 a.m. at night, all 7 days of the week, offers a unique value proposition of convenience and comprehensiveness in terms of meeting patients’ pharmaceutical requirements. The pharmacy will also be offering value added services such as home delivery to further enhance patients’ convenience.