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Tata Steel organises Steel Strings

Jamshedpur, September 06, 2016

JAM HUB, a music club of Tata Steel organised a musical programme ‘Steel Strings’. The objective of the event was to bring together people with a passion for music within TATA Group Companies and to provide them a platform to showcase their talents. The competition was organised at Centre for Excellence on 3rd September, 2016. The competition was divided into three categories namely Vocal Solo, Instrumental Solo and Group.

Renowned Vocalist Seema Bangabash (MA, Music. She has released large no. of music CDs in Hindi and Bengali. She has also performed in all the metro cities) and B. Krishna Rao (Famous keyboard player. Currently music teacher in Hill Top school) were the judges for the event.

Number of entries in Vocal Solo category was 78, out of which 15 was selected for final competition. A preliminary round was conducted at Music room of GT Hostel on 20th August ’2016. Prelims round was judged by Mr. Sushil Kumar Kanswar (Renowned bass guitar player in Jamshedpur) and Mr. Samir Gulson Roy (Currently Head and music teacher in “Synopsis” School of music). 11 number of participants in instrumental solo and 6 number of participants in group category got direct entry to the competition. Total of 55 participants were from TATA steel, Jamshedpur and 14 participants were from companies outside jsr such as TSL Sukhinda, Jaipur, Kalinganagr and Joda.

Winners of the competition were:

  1. Vocals Solo
    1. Sneha Kumari- Tata Technologies Ltd.
    2. Sudip Mukherjee- Tata Steel Ltd. (TMH)
    3. Piyush Saurabh- Tata Motors Ltd.
  2. Instrumental Solo
    1. Ashok Kumar Singh- Tata Steel Ltd. (CRM)
    2. Aakash Ranjan- Tata Steel Ltd.(Capability Development)
    3. Udit Ojha- Tata Motors Ltd.
  3. Group Category
    1. D SAIRAM REDDY and Team, Tata Motors Ltd.
    2. SITAL KUMAR TOPNO and Team, Tata Sponge Ltd. Joda

Prizes were presented to winners by VP C.S Mr. Bhaskaran. Competition ended with a performance by members of “JAMHUB” and a performance by Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, VPCS, Tata Steel and Krishna Rao.

List of Companies that participated in the competition:

  1. Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur
  2. Tata Steel Ltd. Kalinganagar
  3. JUSCO
  4. Tata Main Hospital
  5. Tata Motors Ltd.
  6. Tata Tinplate Ltd.
  7. Tata Sponge Ltd. Joda
  8. Tata Steel Mines, Sukinda
  9. Tata Steel Mines, Naomundi
  10. Tata Technologies Ltd.
  11. Tata Hitachi
  13. Tata Steel, Tubes Division
  14. TSL Kolkata
  15. ISWP