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Jamshedpur, July 04, 2016

Tata Steel observed opening ceremony of the Ethics Month, today, at Tata Steel Noamundi Iron Mine. The day marked the beginning of a month-long celebration to commemorate the values of integrity, unity, excellence, understanding and responsibility.

The event commenced with a flag hosting and was graced by Mr Pankaj Kumar Satija, GM (OMQ) along with Mr Debashish Jena, Chief of Noamundi Iron Mine, Mr P K Dhall, Chief of Engineering Services, Mr Sanjay Virmani, Chief of HRM, Mr S Prabhakar , Working President Noamundi Majdoor Union, HODs, Noamundi officers and staff. All the employees also rededicated the ‘Ethics pledge’ to themselves to abide by the values and code.

 The Corporate Ethics department at Tata Steel has lined up a series of events such as Quiz, Debate, and Round Table Discussions etc. for the month of July 2016. These events will not only encourage participation of the employees and the community at large, but will also help to reinforce the Tata values among its employees.

Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr Pankaj Kumar Satija, GM(OMQ) said: “Ethics is a matter of pride for all of us. The trust and credibility that our organisation and its individuals have without explaining every step of the way as one goes along is according to me the first sign of ethics. The most fundamental aspect in ethics is to do what one has promised to do.”

The Guest of Honour, Mr S Prabhakar Rao, Working President Noamundi Majdoor Union in his speech said that raising one’s voice against an unethical practice should be encouraged in order to bring about transparency in the organisation.

Chief of Noamundi, Mr Debashish Jena said: “Ethics is in our DNA and neither should we indulge in unethical practices nor should we allow our fellow colleagues to be a part of it.”

Tata Steel strongly believes in  Ethical Business Conduct from the time of its inception. These ethical values were first articulated through Tata Code of Conduct (TCOC) in the year 1998. The Company’s Code of Conduct has set a guideline with respect to standard of behaviour to be followed by the Company, its employees and other business partners and all employees and business partners of Tata Steel signs this TCOC compliance undertaking before joining work.

To engage employees across the company in TCOC promotion and implementation every year, July month is celebrated as Ethics Month in Tata Steel. During Ethics Month series of programmes and activities are organised to focus attention on ethics amongst employees and partners. Tata Steel takes a very serious view of any involvement of our employees and associates in bribery, fraud and corruption. Concerns raised are thoroughly investigated and punitive action is taken in cases of such conduct.