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Tata Steel Ex-employees website launched

Jamshedpur, July 03, 2004

Tata Steel Managing Director, Mr. B. Muthuraman, today launched the new Ex-Employees Section of the Tata Steel website, in a function held at Chennai, in the presence of a delegation of retired and past employees.

Tata Steel, in its ongoing commitment to continue to improve the quality of life of its employees and the communities it serves, is addressing the information and interactive needs of its ex-employees’ community. Tata Steel has been at the forefront of grasping the potential unleashed by the information technology revolution.

Thus, while Tata Steel has had an array of measures to interact with its ex-employees, they have been limited with geographic specificity. Tata Steel has leveraged Internet technology to reach out to its ex-employees through the web, across the globe, in a fast, reliable and cost effective manner.

Based on our online feedback system, and in-depth interactions with ex-employees, and users of the website, Tata Steel has launched an Ex-employees sub-site at It addresses information related to ex-employees and their expectations - in a separate section.

This section mainly aims to provide a common communication platform for the company, employees and ex-employees of Tata Steel. It is targeted towards ex-employees and will serve as a medium for disseminating news from the Company and information on topics of concern to ex-employees, such as retirement benefits, etc. It shall also serve as a directory, searchable via a database, of retiring employees, details would be visible to the entire Tata Steel ex-employee diaspora all over the world.

The section also serves as an excellent tool to reinforce the relationship that Tata Steel pursues, as a model employer.

Upon registration and verification, a member, will be able to login to thesite in order to update his information and contact other ex-employees. The login depends upon the member’s e-mail ID and password, which would be provided while registering. Major Features include -

1. Photo Gallery
2. Profile Display
3. Send Mail
4. Buddy Lists
5. Bulletin Board
6. Events
7. Guest Book
8. Feedback
9. Help Desk/FAQ