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Tata Steel Bagged, 25 Awards in the CII's 17th Workskills India Competition (ER)

Jamshedpur, September 30, 2004

In the 17th Workskill India Competition (Eastern Region) conducted by CII during August 23 to 27, 2004 at Advanced Training Institute, Dasnagar, Howrah, the trainees and employees of Tata Steel have won twenty-five prizes in different positions. The competition was conducted in two categories, i.e. under twenty-five years and above twenty five years.

Our participants have won fourteen of the possible seventeen first prizes. Further, out of the total fourty possible prizes Tata Steel has bagged 25 of them (First Position -14, Second Position - 8 and Third Position - 3, which is about 63 % of the total prizes. This is an excellent performance. Such achievements are indicative of the quality of technical training being provided at Savak Nanavati Technical Institute (SNTI). We will continue to improve our training quality year after year and shall never become complacent.

The names of the employees and trainees who won this honour for Tata Steel along with their respective SNTI coaches are given in the annexure.





Sl. No. Name of the candidate P.No. Trade Position Category Dept. Name of Coach
1 Mr. Mahesh Kumar


Fitter 1st I (Below 25 years) SNTI Electrician – Mr. Prabhat Kumar, Instructor  

Industrial Electronics – Mr. A.K. Karn, Manager  

Instrument Mechanic –  Mr. T.K. Dhar, Manager  

Fitter – Mr. K.C. Mahato, Sr. Instructor

Miller – Mr. B.N. Prasad, Sr. Instructor

Tool & Die Maker – Mr. S.K. Singh, Instructor

Turner – Mr. D. Chatterjee, Manager

Welder – Mr. N. Tirkey, Instructor

COPA – Mr. Gurusharan Singh, Sr. Instructor  

2 Mr. Prasun Kumar Khan 503627 Industrial Electronics 1st I SNTI
3 Mr. Sumit Paul 175376 Tool & Die 1st I FCO, NIM
4 Mr. Prohar Kumar Roy 503708 COPA 1st I SNTI
5 Mr. P.N. Kumar 503495 Electrician 1st I Tubes Div.
6 Mr. Anil Kumar Das 503396 Instrument Mechanic 1st I MED(E)
7 Mr. U.K. Singh 503692 Miller 1st I SNTI
8 Mr. Nirmal Kumar Pandey 503550 Fitter 1st II (Above 25 years) LD#1
9 Mr. Md. Obaidulla OB1001 Turner 1st II Bearings Division
10 Mr. L.N. Manjhi 503015 Welder 1st II CP#2
11 Mr. Shailesh Kumar 502535 Industrial Electronics 1st II CRM
12 Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh 149203 COPA 1st II CRM
13 Mr. R.R. Verma 268957 Electrician 1st II West Bokaro
14 Mr. Rajesh Kumar 503391 Instrument Mechanic 1st II Electrical (T&D)
15 Mr. Stephen Jacob 175358 Fitter 2nd I CWS, NIM
16 Mr. Sourav Kumar Singh 503626 Industrial Electronics 2nd I SNTI
17 Ms. Sulekha Singh 503802 COPA 2nd I SNTI
18 Mr. Lailesh Kumar 503419 Instrument Mechanic 2nd I SP#3
19 Mr. Vim Shukla 179490 Fitter 2nd II OHP, JEIM
20 Mr. C.M. Pingua 179501 Welder 2nd II PHO, JEIM
21 Mr. Aasheesh Jha 502552 COPA 2nd II Coke Plant
22 Mr. P.K. Sinha 269092 Instrument Mechanic 2nd II West Bokaro
23 Mr. Rupesh Kr. Srivastav 503659 COPA 3rd I SNTI
24 Mr. R.S. Katyayan 503625 Instrument Mechanic 3rd I SNTI
25 Mr. Subir Kumar Kuila 502634 COPA 3rd II Coke Plant