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School children and citizens of Jamshedpur pay homage to JRD Tata - the Icon of Ethics in Indian Industry

Jamshedpur, July 29, 2004

A colourful assembly of over fifteen thousand school children and citizens of the Steel City assembled at the JRD Tata Stadium in Jamshedpur to pay tribute to JRD Tata on his 100th Birth Anniversary.

To celebrate the occasion, the marching squads of the schools conducted a vibrant and disciplined march past. This was followed by an oath taking ceremony, where those present at the stadium solemnly vowed to uphold the spirit of JRD. In unison, they pronounced –

“ On this day, the 29th of July, 2004 which marks the Birth Centenary of the Doyen of Ethics, Mr. J R D Tata, I, as a budding citizen of Jamshedpur, solemnly promise to enrich my life by practicing the enduring values of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. I shall use my education to work for a better world and follow the principles of ethics & morality in all my future endeavours.”

The true spirit of JRD was reinvigorated and re-stated by the young and positive children who competed at the Slogan Competition at the venue, with the topic of “Ethics and Morality” in English and Hindi.

The winning teams in both English and Hindi were from the Sacred Heart Convent, Jamshedpur with the slogans –

“When truth is our shield, honesty prevails in every field.” & “Satya naitikta karmathta ko baineinge aadhar . Sahi maine mein manushya hone ka arth karein sakar.”

The teams from Loyola School and Kerela Samaj School stood joint second in the english language contest while , Jamshedpur Public School came second and Boldwin Public School , Jamshedpur, third for their efforts in Hindi.

This event showcased the values and spirit of JRD Tata that the people of Jamshedpur cherish, and the deep respect and admiration that they still feel for JRD.