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PCRA Energy Conservation Award 2001 for Tata Steel

Jamshedpur, January 31, 2002

TATA   STEEL  has   been selected for "PCRA Energy Conservation Award 2001 for  Exemplary work in Energy Conservation" in the large projects category. This award has been instituted by Petroleum Conservation Research Association, New Delhi.

The Project was Installation of Thermo-compressors at Coke Plant of TATA STEEL for recovery and use of waste steam. The exhaust steam from steam turbines of coke oven gas Boosters and Exhausters were let out to atmosphere earlier. By installing Thermo-Compressors, the waste steam is now being recovered at increased pressure and temperature and used in the By-product unit of Coke Plant. 87,600 Tonnes per annum of waste steam is being recovered which has resulted in reducing the boiler coal consumption by 21,150 Tonnes per annum.

The award ceremony was held on 31st January 2002, at the Auditorium of Sri Satya Sai Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.