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National Safety Award for Tata Steel

New Delhi, September 18, 2002

Ferroy  Alloy  Plant,  Bamnipal, Keonjhar, Orissa has been awarded National Safety  Award  for  the year 2000.  This award was given by the Minister of Labour,  Dr.Sahib  Singh Verma on 17th September 2002 at a function held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.  This award has been given in recognition of good safety  performance on the part of Industrial undertakings and to stimulate and  maintain  interest  of   both  the   Management  and Workers in accident prevention programmes.

The  award  was  received by Mr.B.K.Singh, Head, F.A.P.Bamnipal. This plant has  got  this award based on lowest average frequency rate of accident for factories  working  for 1 million man hours and more.  In the previous four years also F.A.P.Bamnipal had received this award.