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Several Proactive Measures by Tata Steel to deal with COVID -19

March 17, 2020


Tata Steel follows a robust management system framework and a sound safety governance structure that drives its health and safety measures.

We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation across our locations and are also ensuring regular communication with our stakeholders. In view of the rapid spread of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 (novel corona virus) being reported in several parts of the country, it has become imperative that we continuously take steps to ensure health & safety of all. We have put in place several proactive measures to deal with COVID-19:

1. Travel advisory on suspension of all international and domestic business travel of employees. The suspension of overseas travel and domestic travel--either by air, train or road--has been enforced till further notice.

2. All employees with overseas travel history (either for self or any of their family members), especially to countries like China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, France, Spain & Germany over the last 14 days have been advised to undergo self-imposed quarantine/home isolation for a period of 14 days from the date of their arrival with an intimation to their respective head of the department and GM (Medical Services), Tata Steel. They are allowed to avail Work from Home as per the policy guidelines. Selfimposed quarantine/home isolation norms are governed by the guidelines of home quarantine issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Directorate of General of Health Services.

3. The Company has imposed restrictions on mass gatherings, events, get-togethers, mass meetings.

4. Vendor partners have been requested to restrain from visiting Tata Steel premises other than for normal course of business. All visitor gate passes, physical meetings, non-essential plant visits, non-essential visits to Procurement, Finance & Accounts and any other agency need to be minimised and done using digital platforms like Phone, Email, Video Conferencing. etc.

5. Restriction on visitor’s entry to Tata Steel offices and plant has been imposed. The employees have been instructed to connect with vendors, suppliers, customer and partners virtually using available tools wherever possible.

6. Regular sanitisation of all control rooms, cleaning of floors and facilities across offices/ plant areas/ canteens/ cafeterias have been initiated. Hand sanitisers have been placed in all the offices and in conference rooms. Sanitisation of all the duty buses are being carried out twice a day. Housekeeping staff have been provided with disposable masks and gloves to drive hygiene.

7. Employees have been instructed to refrain from using any mode of public transport and are being encouraged to pool-in their private vehicles for commuting to/from their workplace, wherever feasible. In case this is not feasible/ workable, employees will be extended Work from home (WFH) / special leave as applicable. For vendor/ outsourced employees this may be granted by the concerned employer.

8. All expecting mothers are required to Work from Home (WFH) /avail Special Leave, as the case maybe, with immediate effect, till further notice. This is also applicable for the expecting mothers engaged with any of our registered vendor as an outsourced resource.

9. The Company is disabling the biometric system-based attendance recording; only RFID based monitoring will be continued. Digital information Kiosks across the Company have been disabled.

10. Drive employee awareness on Covid-19 through internal messaging on intranet, billboards, posters and other communications channels. Posters highlighting Do`s & Don’ts and hand washing techniques have been put up across prominent places including buses, canteens and more.

11. Small group awareness sessions with various stakeholders (community people, school children, employees and their families/security staff, etc.) are being carried out.

12. A helpline number and a query link has been created for employees for addressing queries of employees and their families on real-time basis.

13. Medical advisories are being issued to employees and their families by GM (Medical Services), Tata Steel on a regular basis.

14. COVID-19 Medical Task Force  has been formed to review the medical preparedness (in terms of availability of PPEs, setting up of quarantine centres, isolation wards, training of doctors and other medical logistics) of Tata Steel hospitals in Jamshedpur and in Raw Materials locations across Jharkhand and Odisha.

15. Creche services across Company locations have been temporarily shut down. Accordingly, employees whose child/children avail the creche services at any of the Company location may avail Work from Home (WFH)/ Special Leave till further notice. This is also applicable for employees engaged with any of our registered vendor as an outsourced resource. Accordingly, paid Special Leave may be granted by the concerned employer.

Kulvin Suri

Chief, Corporate Communications-India & SEA

Tata Steel