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Tata Steel launches India's First Branded LD Slag Product

Kolkata, January 18, 2018

~Steel major takes a leap forward in value-based selling with Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman~

~LD Slag Products to find applications in building roads, fly ash bricks and clinker making~

Tata Steel has launched two new products, Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman, India’s first branded LD slag products for applications in road, fly ash brick and clinker making. The introduction of the two new branded products is part of Tata Steel’s journey of excellence.  

The brands, Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman, were unveiled by Mr Anand Sen, President TQM & Steel Business, Tata Steel, at the IBMD’s (Industrial By-Products Management Division) Customer Meet that was held here on Tuesday. Tata Steel produces a wide range of Industrial By-Products which serve as key raw materials for various industries. The steel behemoth also has pioneered value creation out of by-products as part of its quest to contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. Continuing the journey, Tata Steel has launched Tata Aggreto (branded LD Slag for usage as road aggregates) and Tata Nirman (branded LD Slag for use in fly ash brick and clinker making). The addition of these two branded products in Tata Steel’s portfolio will be significant for the Company and the industry as it marks India’s first step in the branded products category for processed steel slag.

Speaking on the launch of the brands, Mr. T V Narendran, CEO & MD, Tata Steel, said: “We at Tata Steel are extremely happy to have launched Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman, which are designed to create value for customers, end users and Tata Steel.” He added that, “Tata Steel has always believed in sustainable growth which has been embedded at the very core of our work ethos and, following this philosophy, we are on a journey to reduce the carbon footprint. The launch of Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman will help us progress further in this journey.”

Tata Aggreto is produced out of 0-65 mm processed LD slag with four different size ranges for convenience in design mix. Owing to its size and texture, it is suitable for use in bituminous and concrete road construction. Tata Nirman, produced from 0-6mm LD Slag, can be used as a replacement of sand and lime in fly ash bricks, whereas it can partially replace lime in clinker making.

About IBMD:

IBMD or Industrial By-Products Management Division deals with all by-products generated in the steelmaking value chain from raw materials to finished goods stage. IBMD came into existence as a Profit Centre in the year 2009 as Secondary Products, and renamed as Industrial By-Products Management Division (IBMD) in August 2014. Currently, it is a Rs 3000-Crore plus business unit with sale of about 10 mtpa of by-products. The division deals with collection, processing, marketing and sale of Co-products spanning more than 20 categories. Vision of IBMD is to be recognised as one of the most innovative and enterprising by-products divisions of the world with the objective to be the “World Steel Benchmark” in terms of creating value out of the products which it’s creates.

About Tata Steel

Tata Steel Group is among the top global steel companies with an annual crude steel capacity of 27.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) as on March 31, 2017. It is the a geographically-diversified steel producer, with operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries. The Group recorded a consolidated turnover of US $18.12 billion (INR 117,420 crore) in FY17. Tata Steel Group is spread across five continents with an employee base of nearly 70,000 employees as of March 31, 2017. Having bagged the Deming Application Prize and Deming Grand Prize for continuous improvement in 2008 and 2012 respectively, Tata Steel has now been recognised as the global ‘Industry Leader’ in ‘Steel category’ by Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2015). Besides being a member of the World Steel Climate Action Programme, Tata Steel has also been felicitated with several awards including the Prime Minister’s Trophy for the best performing integrated steel plant for 2015-16, ‘Best Risk Management Practice’ in the metals and mining category at the India Risk Management Awards 2017, ‘Best-in-class Manufacturing’ award from TIME India (2016) and the ‘Most Ethical Company’ award from the Ethisphere Institute (2016), IIM Sustainability Award (2015), among several others.

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