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Jamshedpur, December 17, 2017

Since 2014, the Jamshedpur Carnival has been enlivening winter, drawing the young and old to the heart of the town. This year is no different. With King Momo, will be his entourage-- the colourful carnival parade floats with the ever-popular Latin music band, Latin Sensations, on board, along with a rich pageant of dancers representing different corners of India. A Royal Enfield Group of motorbikers, will lead the floats while vintage cars bring up the rest of the parade. Carnival revelers can dance and cheer alongside, until the parade reaches Gopal Maidan which is being prepped for the carnival festival that will follow for the next three days.

As in every year, the festivities will start off with an inauguration of the carnival on December 18, 2017, and the eagerly awaited dance festival on the opening night, with local schools dance academies competing for a prize, while out of town groups showcase their dances. The dance event is probably the most popular participatory event of the carnival, with more than 800 students from 20 schools and 12 regional dance academies taking part in a theme based competition. For this year's competition, academies were asked to choreograph on the theme of a "Dream" while school performances performed on "Poetry".  Auditions were held on the 14th with five teams shortlisted from each category. These teams will go on to perform at the festival in dances that will combine eastern and western dance forms along with classical and folk forms. Zenith, a nationally renowned dance troupe will provide a headline performance in the evening.

Each day, the local Hotelier's Association will offer a food festival at the Gopal Maidan grounds.


  1. The signature Carnival Parade on Dec 18th. (Starts at 2.00 pm from Jubilee Park)
  2. Launch of Carnival with a foot-tapping Dance Festival on Dec 18th   and Celebrity performance by top rated Indian Troupe “Zenith” (5.30 pm at the Gopal Maidan)