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The Tata Steel Approach

Tata Steel’s Vision strikes a balance between economic value as well as ecological and societal value by aspiring to be "a Global Benchmark in Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship".

A pioneer in adopting Sustainability as a Policy, Tata Steel is guided by the approach that wealth created must be continuously returned to society. The responsibility of combining the three elements of society - social, environmental and economic – is of utmost importance to the way of life at Tata Steel. It is the combination of these three elements that ensures that business is sustainable for all stakeholders.


Tata Steel supports and propagates the principles of the United Nations Global Compact as a Founder Member, is a signatory to the Worldsteel Sustainability Charter and supports the Affirmative Action programme of the Confederation of Indian Industry.

From the earliest days, Tata Steel has taken responsibility for the impact of its activities and led the way in employee welfare measures, social and community initiatives, and environment sustainability. The Group, encompassing its worldwide operations in India, Europe, Thailand, and Singapore, has been contributing extensively towards a wide range of socio-cultural, educational, sports, health, and emergency assistance programmes to ensure sustainable development.


In India, Tata Steel continues to concentrate on safety, corporate social responsibility and climate change initiatives through its various social arms. Its sustainability activities encompass the Company’s Steel Works, Iron ore mines and collieries, reaching out to the city of Jamshedpur, its peri-urban areas and over 800 villages in the states of Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Keeping in mind the cultural diversity in India, the Company undertakes all its initiatives sensitively with special focus on the Affirmative Action communities - upliftment of schedule castes/ tribes and preserving their culture & heritage. Read More


Balancing economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and societal benefit, Tata Steel Europe aims to address the bigger global challenges primarily through its advanced steel products and efficient production processes. It is the steel products that reach out to millions of end users and the use of these create a wider impact from the sustainability perspective. As a good corporate citizen, the Company believes in investing in Research & Development for technologies to produce Steel that has less impact on the environment and processes that are more resource efficient. Read More


In line with the Group’s approach to creating a sustainable future for all stakeholders, Tata Steel Thailand works continuously to ensure economic sustainability. From the environment perspective, it conducts business in a ‘green way’ and the three plant sites of Tata Steel in Thailand operate Electric Arc Furnaces that restrict the emission of carbon dioxide to the environment. To improve the quality of life of its own employees, people from surrounding communities and the Thai society at large, the Company undertakes various activities and projects that revolve around health, safety, education and empowerment. Read More


Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the heart of NatSteel's business. The Company proactively addresses the issues of climate change, energy security, safe drinking water, biodiversity, poverty and inequality through the products it makes and the way it manages its operations. Investing in new steelmaking technologies that guarantee less environmental impact, NatSteel ensures a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. Read More