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Sustainable Livelihoods

In true Tata spirit, Tata Steel’s operations around the world are actively committed to building and developing the societies around which they function.

Tata Steel has always focused on responding to the aspirations of the community. Multiple need based community activities are undertaken to create an enabling environment for the Company to operate. In India Tata Steel’s community engagement programmes are aimed at influencing common good. It drives socio-economic empowerment through village committees, self-help groups, youth organisations and local bodies in its areas of operation. Under agriculture development initiatives, the Company works with locals in the rural and semi-urban areas to harness the available skills and resources and improve agricultural productivity of their lands. Read More


NatSteel, Singapore is actively involved in community work and corporate philanthropy through its "Building Beyond Borders" programme. Across its operating geographies, the Company has participated actively in community initiatives in areas such as education support and disaster relief. Read More


In Europe, Tata Steel strives to enrich its local communities and contribute to their future economic and social wellbeing through a proactive community partnership programme. The theme of Tata Steel’s community partnership programme from April 2013 to April 2016 is “Future Generations”. It provides proactive investment in a number of significant areas including education, environment and health & wellbeing. Priorities under this theme are set by Tata Steel at a local level to ensure the greatest needs of each community are met.


As a major employer, Tata Steel’s performance strongly influences the prosperity of the region and so the Company concentrates on social development, education, health, safety and the environment.