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Tata Steel proactively supports learning and education with programmes that have benefited numerous communities in its areas of operation across the world.

The Tata Steel Group endeavours to create equal opportunities of quality education through initiatives that include scholarship programmes, building new educational infrastructure, projects to promote early child education, and adult literacy programmes, across its operations globally.


In India, Tata Steel plays a significant role in educating communities, with special focus on rural and affirmative action groups. Offering financial assistance to meritorious students through a range of scholarship programmes is one of the most prominent roles of the Company in this direction. Some of these scholarship programmes include the Jyoti Fellowships for SC/ST communities, Parivar Scholarships for children of relocated families, Moodie Fellowship for meritorious tribal students and the JN Tata Endowment that advances ‘loan scholarships’.


The Company has built and facilitated construction of numerous educational institutes, including the prestigious Institute of Mathematics in Bhubaneshwar. Tata Steel India has also undertaken the ‘1,000 Schools Project’ in Odisha and aims to complete this vast educational infrastructure project in FY 14-15.


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The Group’s European operations proactively support education, benefitting thousands of children and youth not only across Europe but also other continents. For instance, in South Africa, Tata Steel Europe has pledged around US$5,275 for a period of three years to Brackenham Primary School which is close to the Richards Bay plant. In Europe, the Industrial Cadets programme that helps to inspire future engineers and scientists is widely applauded. Also, the Tata Steel Graduate Programme is designed to offer rewarding career opportunities to engineers and future business leaders from the world’s best universities and colleges. Further, there are a host of other initiatives undertaken by the Company’s Employee Volunteers, such as ‘The Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) ambassadors’ and ‘The national Go4Set initiative in Scotland that aims to inspire youngsters in the study of science, technology, engineering and maths.


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One of the most significant education projects undertaken by Tata Steel Thailand is ‘Grow Smart with Tata Steel’, aimed at providing quality education to children to help them become self-reliant, better individuals.  Under this project, the Company offers scholarships, school supplies and sports equipment to schools, thereby ensuring all-round development of the students. As a part of this initiative, the Company has set up ‘Book Corners’ or libraries across various schools nationwide. Also, every year Tata Steel provides 40 scholarships to its employee’s children and 4 scholarships to the employees to help them pursue a Master’s degree in the country or abroad.


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In Singapore, NatSteel is a staunch supporter of education and provides scholarships, especially for under-privileged children, those with disabilities to pursue their dreams. Additionally, the NatSteel Scholarship and Study Awards are presented to outstanding students from local universities. NatSteel’s community development programme - ‘Building Beyond Borders’ - also includes a range of educational initiatives such as funding schools and colleges and improving the quality of education imparted and infrastructure.


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