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The Tata Steel Group recognizes automation as a strategic choice in gearing for the future in the fastest possible way.

Over a period of time Automation has evolved from ‘modifications, enhancements and upgradation’ to focusing on providing ‘Solution Design, Product Development and Product Life Cycle management’. Globally, Tata Steel production is controlled and monitored through highly automated, computer-based systems. Such processes include automatic sequencing of equipment, material detection and tracking, strip rolling, furnaces, boilers, material coating, water cooling and many more. All these processes are measured by on-line instrumentation, and controlled through advanced industrial computers which themselves are networked to operator screens, databases, setup models and data analysis software.


Process Control & Automation (PC&A) engineers use their knowledge of software, application computers, and control and instrumentation technology to maintain optimum performance of plants. A highly accomplished team of specialist engineers, software experts, and professionals in various disciplines (laser, robotics, instrumentation, mathematical modelling and simulation) is involved in producing designs and engineering drawings for all aspects of planning, manufacturing, civil, structural, electrical or mechanical engineering projects. The PC&A Engineers specialise in monitoring, maintaining and developing equipment to its optimum performance and reliability to meet customer and business requirements.


The Automation Division of Tata Steel in India is the central agency for design, development, integration and implementation of Process Automation for the Company’s Indian operations and is also an international supplier of high level automation for the metal industry. It is situated in the premises of the steel plant at Jamshedpur in its highly advanced Automation Development Center and also in various plant sites developing and implementing process automation systems. Read More