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Pre-finished Steels



Pre-finished steel is a strip steel product and can provide a number of environmental, manufacturing, technological, and design advantages over post painted steel. Pre-finished steel products are made up of a series of layers, each with a specific function. These comprise a metal base (the substrate), an optional metallic layer, then layers of pre-treatment and primer before a final polymer based paint or film finish is applied to the top and bottom surface.


Pre-finished steel cladding is a great choice for any build - it's strong, long-lasting and is designed to withstand conditions that will damage other materials within years. Tata Steel provides functional and aesthetic solutions to enhance performance of products and components. Pre-finished steel can be used for many applications in various sectors including domestic appliances, office furniture, lighting, niche construction and HEVAC.


The Colorcoat® range includes pre-finished steel products with unique coating formulations offering long-term performance and the most comprehensive guarantees available. These materials are available in a variety of colours and offer excellent durability. Read More