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Electrical Steels play a vital role in the generation, transmission, distribution, and use of power as their high magnetic permeability and low iron core losses are forged on the molecular level.  Electrical steel properties are achieved by processing extremely pure steel through hot rolling, cold rolling, and annealing. Tata Steel produces electrical steels that are ideal for high efficiency transformers, generators, motors, ballasts and small transformers. The superior quality goes a long way in making a positive difference to the efficiency of power generation, transmission and distribution.


Tata Steel subsidiary Cogent Power has unveiled a range of sophisticated new electrical steel products which reduce electricity losses by 20 to 30% compared with conventional grain-oriented grades. The new products are being made at Cogent Power's Orb works in Newport, South Wales. Orb produces cold rolled grain-oriented electrical steel for the manufacture of modern electricity transformers that are used to build and renew the world's major power networks. Read More