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In direct rolling, the casted slab is rolled directly in the hot strip mill, thereby saving handling and energy costs.  Direct-rolled steel is thus an alternative to cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel. Tata Steel Europe’s Ymagine® direct-rolled product line includes forming, structural and high-strength grades. Ymagine® is a completely new type of product that is different from traditional hot and cold rolled materials. The unique properties of Ymagine®, including narrow tolerances and excellent workability make the product comparable to cold rolled material. Ymagine® offers designers, engineers and production managers a number of new possibilities.


Ymagine® is pickled and oiled and comes in a wide choice of grades, dimensions and coil weights. All coils are weld-free.  Due to the low content of residual elements, it provides good weldability using all conventional welding methods. Ymagine® is coatable and has been successfully tested for wet paint as well as powder coatings. Read More