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People are the greatest assets of any great company. And ensuring their well-being and their continuing development is its greatest priority.

Tata Steel believes that being the best possible employer helps to attract and retain the best employees.

Since its foundation more than a century ago, the company has been a pioneering and enlightened employer. Long before the Tata Steel Human Resources Policy was formally written down in 2001, its employment philosophy and practises were based on the recognition that the people of Tata Steel are the primary source of its competitiveness.

Nothing is more important than ensuring our employees and contractors carry out their work without injury or harm. Tata Steel aspires to be the health and safety benchmark for the global steel industry, and while further improvement must and will be pursued, progress towards that goal has been significant and encouraging.

All Group businesses provide healthscreening checks and many operate structured wellness programmes, which educate and motivate employees and their families about the benefits of maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Mutual trust between people at every level of the organisation is intrinsic to the Tata Steel culture, calling for open, honest two-way communication between management and employees at all times. Tata Steel believes as a matter of principle that diversity within the workforce greatly enhances its overall capabilities. It is an equal opportunity employer in all its operating locations, and does not discriminate on any basis.

Tata Steel also believes in enabling all employees to continue to enhance their knowledge, skills and capabilities, and invests significant resources in training, education and personal development in order to provide each person with the most suitable training at the most appropriate time.


As part of NatSteel’s Building Beyond Borders programme, staff took residents from St Joseph’s Home, one of NatSteel’s adopted charities, for outings each month.

Mother and child clinic in Jamshedpur, India

Vitality centre at IJmuiden, the Netherlands

Corporate Citizen

Tata Steel’s commitment to excellence, to stakeholders and to the society at large endures. And it is this commitment that wilL take us into the future .