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Key Market Sectors


Tata Steel provides a wide range of high performance rail products and railway infrastructure services to the international rail industry.

Leveraging over 140 years of rail production expertise, Tata Steel works in partnership with customers to understand the needs of the rail sector and develops innovative and value-adding products to directly address those needs. The company’s drive for innovation is evident through its breakthroughs in R&D including:


  • World’s first Stress-Free heat treated rail
  • World’s first wear-resistant Multi-Life grooved rail which is weld-repairable in-track


Our team of technical consultants are among the world leaders in metallurgy and possess in-depth knowledge of track product design, manufacture and performance. Their unrivalled expertise and experience in track technologies can help the industry rise to the challenges of higher traffic volumes, heavier axle loads and faster train speeds.


The Group has a long history of supplying track infrastructure and today supplies an extensive range of rail profiles, steel sleepers and other specialist track components for different types of railway including high-speed, heavy duty, mixed traffic, metro and tramway networks.


Based on our long experience and extensive research within this sector we are able to offer global, national and local network operators and installation and maintenance contractors, a comprehensive array of services that includes consultancy, welding, noise reduction, catenary gantries and modular platform construction.