We commenced our operations in 1907 and today we are the world’s second most diversified steel producer with operations in 26 countries and commercial presence in over 50 countries. We are the 11th largest steel player globally, producing 25.9 MnT finished steel and employing ~77,000 people.

In India, we are one of the largest private sector integrated steel producers with a turnover of ₹38,000 crore. Our value chain extends from mining to the steel finished goods in the metal industry.

Over the years we have enriched the glorious legacy handed over by our Founder J.N. Tata, by placing equal emphasis on value creation and corporate citizenship.

Underpinning this vision is a performance culture committed to aspirational targets, safety and social responsibility, continuous improvement, openness and transparency. What binds together every member of our global family today is a shared corporate culture, shaped by value-based guiding principles and the lineage of one of the world’s most pioneering and respected entities – the Tata Group itself.

Ownership Structure

We are headquartered in Mumbai. Our ownership (as of March 31, 2016) is diversely held as depicted below.


We aspire to be the global steel industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship.


Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity, Responsibility


Consistent with the vision and values of the Founder Jamsetji Tata, Tata Steel strives to strengthen India’s industrial base through the effective utilisation of staff and materials. The means envisaged to achieve this are high technology and productivity, consistent with modern management practices.
Tata Steel recognises that while honesty and integrity are the essential ingredients of a strong and stable enterprise, profitability provides the main spark for economic activity.
Overall, the Company seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all that it does in an atmosphere free from fear and thereby reaffirms its faith in democratic values.

Operating Structure

We have a well-defined operating structure to ensure that the Company is on track to achieve its vision and strategic objectives.

Our executive management rests with Mr. T. V. Narendran, Managing Director for our Indian and South-East Asian operations and Mr. Koushik Chatterjee, Group Executive Director (Finance and Corporate) and Executive Director for our European operations. Mr. Narendran and Mr. Chatterjee, operationally and administratively report to our Chairman, Mr. Cyrus P. Mistry and functionally report to the Board of Directors.

The executive team responsible for operations such as Raw Materials, Steel Making, Sales and Marketing etc. reports to the Managing Director. Corporate functions such as Finance and Accounts, Legal, Secretarial, Communications and Regulatory Affairs, among others, report to the Group Executive Director (Finance and Corporate).

We have a strong, diverse, highly qualified and richly experienced leadership team with a track record of excellence and passion for performance.