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Consumer Goods

Tata Steel manufactures specialised steel for a wide variety of products in the consumer goods industry.

Staying ahead in the consumer products market requires cost effective methods, flexibility and speed. Consumers expect an ever changing variety of attractive, high quality products, often customised to suit their requirements like reliability and flexibility in supply and service; innovation, technical support  and competitive advantage.


To cater for this, Tata Steel organizes its products and services offerings to be market focused and reflect these specific market needs. Tata Steel supplies solutions for a wide variety of consumer goods from hot rolled coil through to high-gloss pre-finished steel perforated blanks.


Products include white goods, lighting, office furniture and equipment, racking and shelving, battery cases, high temperature and non-stick bake-ware products, enamel-coated applications,  decorative pre-finished metals and ICT hardware.


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