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The spirit of innovation lies behind every action at Tata Steel. A continuous effort at developing cutting-edge technologies and design solutions helps transform processes, improve inefficiencies, and enhance customer experience.

An innovation driven company, Tata Steel believes that self-reliance in technology is a pre-requisite for growth, especially in the context of globalisation and expanding operations. With great emphasis on making products and processes more efficient and sustainable, our Technology Roadmap identifies projects aimed at increasing raw materials security while effecting reductions in energy use and emissions.


  • Making extensive use of life cycle assessment, the Group advises customers at the design stage of their products made from steel to help minimise energy usage. Tata Steel in Europe has invested significantly in the development of life cycle assessment models for many sectors.
  • NatSteel Singapore plant processes and recycles ferrous scrap materials, in one of the world‘s most energy efficient Electric Arc Furnace, into high quality steel products used in the building and construction industry.
  • Tata Steel Europe is also working with other steelmakers in Europe on major research and development project, ULCOS (ultra low CO2 steelmaking), to develop breakthrough technologies which can reduce CO2 emissions per tonne of steel produced by at least 50%.
  • HIsarna TM, a smelting reduction technology which in principle offers a 20% energy (and CO2) reduction opportunity without carbon capture and storage, has been piloted in IJmuiden, the Netherlands, jointly with other partners.
  • Tata Steel adopts best practices, modern technologies and innovation to ensure that its mining activities are efficient and sustainable with minimal or no environmental or social impact.


Recent innovations that have a global impact


In Europe Tata Steel has focussed on product innovations with more differentiated products. Globally marketing efforts have been redesigned to target customer segments so as to focus on the whole product package. Presence in China has significantly grown and branding has helped products find increasing market acceptance.


  • Nest-In is a mass housing solution developed jointly by Tata Steel Global R&D and Marketing and Sales; and is a product that is expected to revolutionise the rural and semi-urban markets for householders and for communities.
  • Tata Steel R&D together with CSIR-NML developed a low cost, online and fast method for online sensing of alumina in iron ores. This initiative resulted in an innovation that enables the blast furnace operation to decide on effective blend planning and impurity reduction.
  • Bake Hardened BH260 and BH300 is a new hi-tech steel grade developed by Tata Steel Europe, which protects cars from dents and makes door and bonnets 7% lighter.
  • Tata Tiscon developed Superlinks - stirrups made of high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar in commonly used sizes. Superlinks are manufactured through automatic and sophisticated machines, using strict quality control to ensure consistency, quality and accurate dimensions. Tiscon Readybuild is a ready to use Rebar for construction projects.
  • Tata Steel’s Sustainable Building Envelope Centre (SBEC) in Europe has developed a range of colour-coated steel panels that use natural day light to heat homes, saving as much as 50% of a typical household annual fuel bill.
  • Tata Steel has unveiled a range of sophisticated new electrical steel products which reduce electricity losses by 20-30% compared to conventional grain-oriented grades. The new products are being made by Tata Steel subsidiary, Cogent Power at their Orb works in Newport, South Wales.
  • Tata Steel in India has embarked on “Project Innovent” - a vehicle for consumer-in Innovation, aimed at creating new services and solutions that can lead to higher margins and increased differentiation.


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