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The Tata Steel product range in roofing solutions extends from the traditional built up systems through composite systems to the modular Hi-Point system. The products provide flexibility in design and fast track construction. The Colorcoat® range extends to roofing applications, along with Hi-Point, which is an advanced modular roofing system that provides an attractive, robust and cost effective solution for large-scale projects.


Tata Steel offers the widest range of Structural Roof Decking manufactured in the UK. Read More


In India, Tata Shaktee is Tata Steel’s flagship brand in the field of galvanised corrugated sheets that has raised the bar for the roofing industry in India. Launched in the year 2000, the brand has been consistently delivering on its promises of longevity and strength. Over the years, Tata Steel has altered the landscape of the roofing industry in India. Roof Junction is a complete roofing solution in which we provide consumers not just quality GC sheets but a complete roof for homes, godowns, factories, offices, sheds, garages etc. Read More