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Agricultural Implements



Superior quality agricultural implements are manufactured at Tata Agrico, a division of Tata Steel that happens to be the pioneer in this segment in the country, operating for almost 80 years. The product range includes Hoes, Sickles, Crowbars, Shovels, Pick Axes, Hammers, TP Series Hoes (Powrah), Garden Tools and Files. These implements cater to the needs of the Agricultural sector, Horticulture Industry, Maintenance of Roads, Dams, Railway- Tracks, Collieries etc. in India and abroad.


Tata Agrico equipment is manufactured in one piece from Tata High Carbon Steel by forging. The skill and knowledge acquired over half a century, modern methods of manufacture such as forging, and heat treatment and strict supervision at every stage of manufacture, guarantee consistently good quality and durability of Agrico products. The high quality of Tata Agrico implements makes them the first choice of farmers, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, government agricultural departments, the Indian Railways, defence services, collieries and Central and State Government Departments. Read More