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Lifting & Excavating

Tata Steel is a leading solution provider to original equipment manufacturers in the construction and agricultural equipment, cranes and material handling machinery sectors, with a multi-product portfolio to cater to the complexity of multiple supply chains.

Lifting & excavating equipment need to be reliable and strong to match the applications they are used in. Therefore, reliable and consistent steel quality is essential to ensure safety, avoidance of costly machine downtime and delivery of critical properties such as exceptional wear resistance in service. Tata Steel is the preferred supplier for many large players in the lifting and excavating sector, which manufacture machinery used in the movement or extraction of materials and goods. We also offer a number of services including Early Vendor Involvement (EVI) where we work with equipment makers in the early stages of new vehicle design to help optimise design and reduce processing costs.


In the quest to produce ever more efficient and capable equipment, machine makers are demanding steel components that are stronger, lighter and more wear-resistant. At Tata Steel, we share our steel expertise with customers - helping them to improve their products and succeed in the marketplace. We manage the complexity of steel products and services needed through an extensive global network.


Customers in the lifting and excavating industry require a wide range of steel products including, high strength steels, speciality steels for Powertrain components, structural hollow sections for cabins and structures. Tata Steel offers one of the widest product portfolios on the market and in India, Tata Growth Shop (TGS) caters for the design and manufacture of heavy engineering and material handling equipment including special purpose Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes.


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