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In adherence to the Tata Code of Conduct, Tata Steel’s policies pertain to active sets of principles, in different areas of operation that help to bring uniformity in processes by clearly defining the Company’s approach.

Dividend Distribution Policy
Code of Corporate Disclosure Practices
Tata Group Sustainability Policy
CSR Policy
Policy on Related Party Transactions
Policy on determining Material subsidiaries
Determination of Materiality for Disclosure(s)
Document Retention and Archival Policy
Policy on Appointment & Removal of Directors
Remuneration Policy of Directors, KMPs and other Employees


Committed to following the principles of fair practice and business ethics to the core, Tata Steel has adopted the Tata Code of Conduct, which lays down the principles and standards that should govern the actions of the Company and the employees. A number of relevant policies have also been formulated and implemented towards the practical application of TCOC.


Vigil Mechanism


Email id of Ethics Counsellor is


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