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Drivers of sustainable
long-term value creation

Our stakeholders comprise providers of financial capital as well as other stakeholders. Our value creation model leverages our core competencies and focusses on creating a best-in-class integrated value chain. At Tata Steel, we not only pursue financial outcomes but also invest in the sustainability and preservation of natural resources, technology, the development and well-being of our employees as well as communities to make us future-ready.

Contributing to global goals

Through our process of managing our capitals and creating value, we make significant contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Our priorities for sustainable development are aligned to those of India as well as the steel industry. As a responsible corporate citizen, we have mapped our capitals to the 17 SDGs.

Medical Staff at Tata Main Hospital remain committed to a healthier tomorrow

Imperatives for value creation


Balance the portfolio in favour of growing Indian market for steel products and services

Completion of capacity expansion at Kalinganagar to reach 8 MnTPA

Growth in long products portfolio and driving synergies from acquisitions

Attain leadership position in Adjacent Businesses (New Materials, Services & Solutions, Mining)

Create a sustainable business in Europe

Simplify and consolidate Tata Steel Group companies


Focus on deleveraging, fund profitable growth in India

Structural cost reduction through focus on raw materials security and logistics infrastructure

Drive operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness through structured continuous improvement programmes (Shikhar25)

Consolidate position as global cost leader


Attract top talent by becoming an employer of choice

Focus on safety leadership and strengthen processes

Leverage digital technology to enhance efficiency and enable business transformation

Focus on R&D and technology to achieve technology leadership in the steel industry

Build a culture and capability of breakthrough innovation

Foster a culture of agility