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Thinking ahead to
retain competitive edge

Our strategy planning process is influenced by the Vision, Mission and Values of the organisation, along with the strategic direction provided by the Senior Leadership Team. As part of the process, we examine both external and internal business environment and factor in potential risks and opportunities that could disrupt the industry. Materiality assessment provides insights to the changing needs of all our stakeholders.

Our long-term strategies and annual business plans are formulated as an outcome of the integrated strategy planning process. The overall strategy and plans are cascaded down to individual divisions/departments with clearly defined responsibilities across all employee levels.

We aspire to be the most valuable and respected steel company globally by 2030. In pursuit of this goal, we have refreshed our long-term strategies and extended the horizon to 2030. The priority for the next five years is to improve the structural and financial strength of the Company. This will provide the foundation for growth thereafter.

Strategic Objectives SO


Leadership in India

Achieve scale to meet the growing steel demand in India and also be the most respected and preferred choice of discerning customers.


Consolidate position as global cost leader

We aspire to be a global benchmark in operational efficiency, ensure raw material security and strengthen our logistics infrastructure.


Attain leadership position in adjacent businesses (NMB*, S&S**, Mining)

To achieve Tata Steel’s vision of the future, it is important to explore and lead in adjacent businesses that leverage our capability and market opportunity. The approach is to have a capex-lite business model, differentiated through innovative solutions, technology and knowledge


Leadership in sustainability

Tata Steel aspires to take a leadership role in sustainability in the steel industry. Technology will be a key enabler to address the growing challenge in a hard to abate sector such as steel.

*NMB - New Materials Business
**S&S - Services and Solutions

Strategic enablers SE

Be the best place to work for in manufacturing in India

Tata Steel aspires to be the Best Place to Work for in Manufacturing, in India with a workforce that is future ready, engaged, and high performing.

Be part of the Top 5 in technology in steel industry globally

Tata Steel aspires to become the top choice of its customers by being a world-class steel technology company and demonstrating technology leadership globally.

Be the digital leader in steel industry globally

The steel industry is becoming smarter and more agile, evolving towards Industry 4.0. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend by years.

Tata Steel has made significant progress on the digital journey and aspires to use technology to be a digital leader in the steel industry globally by 2030.

Foster a culture which makes Tata Steel future ready

A well-defined culture shapes our corporate identity, paving the way for success and a lasting legacy. It is essential to focus on creating the right organisational culture that encourages agility and innovation while nurturing other traits which are ingrained in the organisation (like ethics, safety, continuous improvement, and culture of giving back to the community).