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Resolute steps
towards tomorrow

At Tata Steel, we aspire to be future-ready structurally, financially and culturally, in our pursuit to be the most valuable and respected steel company in the world. For our Indian operations, we have identified four Strategic Objectives (SOs) to create sustainable and profitable growth.

Strategic objectives Focus areas Key performance indicators Goals

Leadership in India

  • Increase capacity of India operations through organic and inorganic growth
  • Attain and retain leadership in chosen segments (current and new)
  • Crude steel capacity
  • Market share
  • 35-40 MnT Capacity by 2030
  • Enter new segments and sustain #1 position in existing chosen segments

Consolidate position as global cost leader

  • Continue to invest in raw material security
  • Cost improvement and value enhancement through structural interventions and Shikhar25 continuous improvement programmes
  • Captive coal (%)
  • Captive iron ore (%)
  • Value accrual
  • Maintain cost leadership at market price of raw materials
  • Cost reduction and value enhancement

Attain leadership position in adjacent businesses

  • New Materials Business
  • Services and Solutions
  • Commercial mining
  • Revenues
  • Enhance revenue from adjacent businesses

Leadership in sustainability

  • Benchmark in CO2 emissions
  • Benchmark in water management
  • Value creation using circular economy business models
  • CO2 Emission Intensity: tCO2/tcs
  • Specific fresh water consumption: m3/tcs
  • Capacity of Steel Recycling Business (SRB): MnTPA
  • Value created from Industrial By-products Management Division (IBMD) business
  • <1.8tCO2/tcs by 2030
  • <1.5 m3/tcs by 2030
  • Aim for water neutrality by 2030
  • > 5 MnT by 2030
  • Increase IBMD EBITDA by 2.4 times by 2030 over 2020