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June 24 - July 2, 2019Asia Plateau, Panchgani, Maharashtra

Tribal Leadership Programme (TLP)

A change whose
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The tracts of our country that face the most acute developmental challenges and at the same time, bear the greatest burden of our developmental excesses, are regions where our tribal people live. The development discourse today has much to imbibe and learn from tribal communities to evolve meaningful solutions for our most pressing societal challenges, and there is no better time to start than now.

This process of symbiotic change, however will need leaders within tribal communities who internalize value systems which form the foundations of tribal identity and development. This can happen across levels; not confined to people, issues, geography or societal strata. The Tribal Leadership Program (TLP) is on the look-out for individuals who will drive change.

About Tribal Leadership Programme (TLP)

The TLP is a residential programme for individuals from tribal communities who feel strongly about the challenges facing tribal communities, believe in the power of the tribal discourse and have the will to do something about it.

If you relate with this thought, you belong to TLP.

TLP, organised by Tata Steel at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, Maharashtra, is now in its third year. It aims to bring together young tribal individuals, by giving them an intense, one-of-its-kind platform to learn, co-learn and share stories of their successes, failures and inspiration, while connecting with the others.

Through reflection, conflict-handling, insights into policy and law-making, TLP is structured to unlock an individual's personal introspection as well as enable an imbibing of relevant insights on the external domain. It is about growing as a person with renewed confidence and emerge as a leader with strong perspectives.

The goal is to contribute to building a nation that has a leadership based on ground-up experience.


Alumni speak

I am dedicated to creating more lawyers and professionals in the community.
Anil Narve
(Madhya Pradesh)
I strive to become a facilitator for young adults in the tense North East. Asahrii Clement K
(Poumai Naga, Manipur)
I moved on undeterred in the face of extremist threats.Akli Tudu
(Mahli Tribe, Jharkhand)
I have dedicated myself to empowering the disempowered.Deepika M. R.
(Kani, Kerala)
The larger challenge is protection of tribal rights. I want to serve as a legislator.Narendrakumar Chaudhri
(Chaudhari Tribe, Gujarat)