Samvaad - A Tribal Conclave, is Tata Steel's Tribal Cultural Society’s initiative that seeks to revive, preserve and promote tribal culture.

Samvaad is a Five-day conclave that celebrates Tribalism in India. The event commemorates the birth anniversary of iconic tribal leader Birsa Munda, as well as the Foundation Day of the State of Jharkhand. This first-of-its-kind festival, organised by Tata Steel, will be held for the fifth consecutive year at Jamshedpur.

This year’s conclave – the theme of which is "Coming Together for Social Change" – will bring together tribals who have grown and developed themselves as community leaders in parts of India.

Samvaad 2018 - Programme Schedule

Regional Samvaad 2018

In order to make Samvaad more participatory and broad-based, and to create a stronger pan-India brand for the Samvaad platform, six Regional Samvaads will be organised this year.

The theme of the main Samvaad, 'Coming Together for Social Change' will take centre-stage at all Regional Samvaads, to be held in different corners of India.

Varsities and organisations in the development sector have joined us to engage with tribal communities through Regional Samvaads that will take place in Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Jharkhand, and central India.

Regional Samvaad Venue Date Tribes Districts Participants
Regional Samvaad-I Centurian University, Sitapur, Gajapati District, Odisha Sep 1-2 38 15 140
Regional Samvaad-II Pillar Center, Madurai, Tamil Nadu Sep 13-14 28 24 146
Regional Samvaad-III Astha Traning Center, Udaipur, Rajasthan Sep 17-18 19 21 139
Regional Samvaad-IV Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland Sep 22-23 34 24 117
Regional Samvaad-V Xavier Institute of Social Action, Raipur Sep 29-30 22 20 99
Regional Samvaad-VI Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Ranchi Oct 9-10 22 14 107

Samvaad 2017 at a glance

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  • Tribal Food
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  • Cultural
  • International
  • Handicrafts
  • Fashion

Did you know?

  • The single largest platform backed by any corporate house, Samvaad draws over 1,200 tribal artists, scholars, thinkers, development practitioners and experts from other walks of life, annually.

  • Samvaad is fast growing as an eco-system for tribes’ dialogue, discussions, celebration and dissent.

  • Aspiring tribal youth leaders have been handpicked and nurtured at Tribal Leadership Programme (TLP), a crucial initiative in the Samvaad universe.

  • Samvaad has emerged as a platform where tribal thoughts and voices manifest in various forms –panel discussions, paper presentations, cultural performances and film screening.

  • Regional Samvaads organised in different parts of the country make Samvaad more participatory and broad-based.