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About Tata Steel

We aspire to create value
for all our stakeholders

10th largest
Steel Manufacturer in
the World (based on capacity)
Source: World Steel Association
Amongst the Top 3 global steel companies and the
only company in India to be gold rated in the Dow Jones
Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Assessment 2017
Highlights FY 2017-18
`60,519 Cr.
`4,170 Cr.

We are in the business of steel-making for the last 111 years

Resource-efficient blast furnaces with high productivity

Established in Jamshedpur, India in the year 1907, Tata Steel is part of the 150-year-old Tata group. Bringing to reality the vision of its founder, J. N. Tata, who inspired the steel and power industry in India, the Tata Steel Group is the 10th largest steel manufacturer in the world and is known to be the hallmark of corporate citizenship and business ethics.

We are one of the world’s most
geographically diverse steel producers

Cold rolled coils

With operations in 26 countries and commercial presence in 50 countries, the Tata Steel Group has a steel production capacity of 27.5 MnTPA (as on March 31, 2018). Tata Steel India has manufacturing units at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, with a production capacity of 10 MnTPA and at Kalinganagar, Odisha, with a production capacity of 3 MnTPA. In FY 2017-18, our Kalinganagar unit received approvals for expansion to 8 MnTPA. Tata Steel operates with a completely integrated value chain that extends from mining to finished steel goods.

We are driven by innovation, guided by
values and poised for the future

Digitalisation for agility

Our aspirations for growth are supported by our efforts of continual improvements in our processes, building efficiency and adding value to our products while meeting stakeholder expectations across the value chain. Our approach to innovation is based on identifying newer technologies and collaborating with innovative people and organisations. In everything we do, we continue to act responsibly by conserving our natural resources, while making sustainable growth possible.


We aspire to be the global steel industry benchmark for ‘Value Creation’ and ‘Corporate Citizenship’.

We make the difference through:

Our People

Our Policies

Our Offerings

Our Innovative Approach

Our Conduct


Consistent with the vision and values of the founder Jamsetji Tata, Tata Steel strives to strengthen India’s industrial base through effective utilisation of staff and materials. The means envisaged to achieve this are cutting-edge technology and high productivity, consistent with modern management practices. Tata Steel recognises that while honesty and integrity are the essential ingredients of a strong and stable enterprise, profitability provides the main spark for economic activity. Overall, the Company seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all it does in an atmosphere free from fear, and thereby reaffirms its faith in democratic values.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Unity
  • Pioneering

Our Principal Activities and
Revenue Streams

The revenue streams of our business value chain are as shown below:

Leadership Structure

We have a well-defined operating structure to ensure that the Company is on track to achieve its vision and strategic objectives. Our executive management rests with Mr. T. V. Narendran, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, and Mr. Koushik Chatterjee, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. We have a strong, diverse, highly qualified and richly experienced leadership team with a track record of excellence and passion for performance.

Ownership Structure

Our ownership structure as on March 31, 2018
(Combined for Fully Paid and Partly Paid
Ordinary Shares)

Key Products and Market Segments


Sustaining the leadership position in the Automotive segment, our focus has been to continually develop products for the automotive sector. Today, steel from Tata Steel is used for manufacturing almost every vehicle in the country.
  • Hot-rolled (HR), Cold-rolled (CR), Coated Steel Coils and Sheets
  • Auto OEMs (B2B)
  • HR, CR, Coated Steel Coils and Sheets
  • Precision Tubes
  • Tyre Bead Wires
  • Spring Wires
  • Bearings
  • Auto ancillaries (B2B and B2ECA)

Key Products and Market Segments


With our focus on the development of high-quality Galvanised Iron (GI) wires, conveyance tubes and agricultural tools and implements, Tata Steel is maintaining its leadership position in the fencing, farming and irrigation spaces.
  • Bearings
  • Agri equipments (B2B)
  • Galvanised Iron (GI) Wires
  • Agri and Garden Tools
  • Conveyance Tubes
  • Fencing, farming and irrigation (B2C)

Key Products and Market Segments


We have a range of products and services for infrastructure development and construction. Today, steel from Tata Steel is used in two-thirds of the country’s metro rail, flyovers and bridges. Our value-added products serve approx. 4 million rural households in India.
  • Tata Tiscon (Rebars)
  • Pravesh (Steel Doors and Windows)
  • Tata Shaktee (Roofing Sheets)
  • Tata Pipes (Plumbing Pipes)
  • Tata Structura (Tubes)
  • Individual House Builders (B2C)
  • Nest-In (Habinest – Prefabricated houses, AquaNest Water Kiosks, Ezynest Modular Toilets, MobiNest – Office cabins, Nestudio – Rooftop houses)
  • Corporates and Government bodies (B2B and B2G)
  • TMT Rebars (Higher Dia Rebars and Corrosion-resistance Steel)
  • Tiscon Readybuild (Cut and Bend Bars)
  • Tata Structura (Tubes)
  • PC Strands (LRPC)
  • Tata Nirman
  • Tata Aggreto
  • Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS)
  • Infrastructure (B2B)
  • Housing and commercial (B2ECA)

Key Products and Market Segments

Industrial and General Engineering

We develop products for several industrial and engineering applications, with significant presence in different types of industries.
  • Tata Steelium (CR)
  • Galvano (Coated)
  • Tata Astrum (HR)
  • Tata Structura (Tubes)
  • Panel and appliances (B2ECA)
  • Fabrication and capital goods (B2ECA)
  • Furnitures (B2ECA)
  • HR
  • LPG (B2B)
  • Wire Rods
  • Welding (B2B)
  • Tata Tiscrome (Ferro Chrome)
  • Tata Ferromag (Ferro Manganese)
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Tata Pipes
  • Tata Ferroshots
  • Blast Furnace (BF) Slag
  • Metallics
  • Process industries (e.g.
  • cement, power and
  • steel) (B2B)

B2B: Business to Business

B2C: Business to Customers

B2G: Business to Government

B2ECA: Business to Emerging Corporate Accounts

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

LRPC: Low Relaxation Prestressed Concrete