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Achieving excellence in cost and service

As we gear up for the fourth industrial revolution, we are developing cutting-edge technologies and designing solutions that help transform processes, improve efficiencies and enhance customer experience.

35 kg/tonne of hot metal

improvement in coke rate at kalinganagar


advanced analytics models deployed to enhance operational efficiencies

Security operations centre, kalinganagar | Note: All figures are for FY 2018-19

Reach production capacity of 30 MnTPA in India

Maintain cost leadership


Coke rate is an important operating parameter for an integrated steel plant, impacting cost, CO2 emission and energy intensity. During FY 2018-19, the coke rate at our Kalinganagar plant improved significantly from 434 kg/ tonne of hot metal to 399 kg/tonne.

The Shikhar25 programme focuses on delivering superior product quality, optimising product mix, improving operational efficiency to lower carbon footprint, reducing waste generation and improving waste utilisation, while maximising energy and material efficiency.

363.15 kg/tonne of hot metal

combined coke rate and energy intensity at tsk

5.82 Gcal/tcs

combined coke rate and energy  intensity at tsj

₹2,801 crore

savings through shikhar25



We have embarked on a long-term digital
technology-led business transformation
programme to drive value creation.

Key outcomes

We have moved away from being capex-heavy to capex-light by
opting for managed services to augment the IT layers of
connectivity, infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Data security

We have deployed a full-scale Security Operations Centre (SOC) to safeguard our IT and Operational Technology (OT) data and applications, which can analyse 30,000 events per second, resulting in proactive detection and defence from cyber threats.

Predictive analytics

We have built and deployed over 40 Advanced Analytics models to enhance operational efficiencies.

Customer interface

Our customer-facing digital platforms, Aashiyana, DigECA and Compass, have resulted in additional revenue and improved customer satisfaction.

Road ahead

Be one of the top five technologically advanced global steel companies

Become agile, intelligent and smart in all business processes and enhance stakeholder experience while generating substantial EBITDA improvement