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Creating new value

A continued emphasis on novel approaches keeps us ahead of the curve, amid changing customer needs, competition from alternative materials and a dynamic regulatory environment.

₹216 crore

r&d spend


patents granted


new products launched

New products development, kalinganagar | Note: All figures are for FY 2018-19

To generate ~10% of revenue from new materials.

Key support units

Enhanced research facilities with state-of-the-art laboratories, an R&D team of 200+ researchers and collaborations with 40 premier technical institutes

Innovation council that incubates novel ideas, enables implementation and advances research on new materials

In-house platforms, such as Innovent, that identify key customer insights and translate them into tested and scalable business models

Key outcomes

We are creating solutions that make a positive difference to the society with patents, new products, new materials and by developing in-house technologies for sustainable performance.

Louvre in Abu Dhabi
New products
  • Special focus on new steel product development for promising segments of Pre‑Engineered Building, Lifting and Excavation, and Oil and Gas.
  • The Kalinganagar facility helped develop products at an accelerated timeline.
  • In-house R&D efforts, along with collaborations with Tata Steel Europe and technical institutions, helped us expedite product and process design for new products.
New & advanced materials
  • Graphene
    Graphene-doped plastic products that were used in Tata Steel for industrial use showed a two-fold increase in life as compared to existing products.
  • Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products
    Our New Materials Business has adopted an asset-light model through partnerships to develop FRP products that cater to automotive, industrial, infrastructure and railway sectors.
  • Apart from Graphene and FRP Composite, there is a focus on incorporating other advanced materials, such as ceramics, into our portfolio.
Process improvements
  • High Gradient Magnetic Separator (HGMS)
    The Noamundi iron ore mine discards 16% of wet run of mine output as slime, which has 8% alumina and 55% iron content. Use of HGMS is expected to recover 50% of slime containing iron content of 63%. This initiative is in its pilot stage and is expected to save virgin raw materials and increase mine life through improved beneficiation.
  • Carbon composite briquettes
    A new technique of super fine agglomeration called carbon composite briquetting was developed and charged into the blast furnace. A successful plant trial resulted in a favourable drop in coke and carbon rates. This will be adopted across facilities in coming years.

In-house platforms such as Innovent focus on identifying
key customer insights and translate them into tested and
scalable business models.

Pravesh Vista windows

These are hybrid window with dual functionality features, which swing and slide open.

  • Give 95% uninterrupted opening space to the user
  • Provide integrated security features
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Termite resistant and rust proof
  • Hassle-free, professional installation
Solar panels

Our first-of-its-kind solar panels, made with extremely thin steel sheets, eliminate the thick, toughened glass with high‑end polymers. This makes the panels practically unbreakable and are used in rooftops, mobile portable units, facades and solar bags.

  • Steel integrated solar panels with all associated accessories as standard ready-to-use roof-top kits
  • State-of-the-art mechanism for diverting solar power
  • Easy and quick installation on flat roofs with no invasion to existing roof and no welding
  • Modular structures that are lightweight, robust and wind- resistant, with complete safety features
Smart bus shelters
  • Provide Wi-Fi connectivity and phone charging sockets
  • Accessibility for the differently abled
  • CCTV and hooters to ensure safety of passengers
  • Enable emergency access to a central command centre
Smart trash bins

These help the municipality segregate waste at source into two collection bins.

  • Variable sizes and vandal proof
  • Provide garbage-level information to the command centre for necessary action


Road ahead

Continue to enhance our new product portfolio, cost competitiveness and environmental performance through capability building and collaboration with technology and research partners

Co-develop and adopt new business models that can bring about a paradigm shift through world-class partners and start-ups