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Tata Steel India Overview
Inside Tata Steel India

We are India’s lowest cost producer of steel. Our history and journey are inextricably linked to the Indian growth story; and we have helped build the nation’s industrial narrative, since the time we laid the foundation of India’s first industrial city in Jamshedpur more than 100 years ago.


10 MnTPA

jamshedpur plant


kalinganagar plant

5.6 MnTPA

capacity of tata steel BSL
formerly known as bhushan steel


14.24 MnT

hot metal production

13.23 MnT

crude steel production


new products

12.69 MnT



₹70,611 crore




₹10,533 crore


₹3,677 crore


Tata Steel Works, Jamshedpur
Did you know?

Tata Steel Kalinganagar is the first and the only Indian manufacturing facility to be included in the World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network.

We are the first steel manufacturer in India to receive a ‘GreenPro’ certification for four of our products: ground granulated blast furnace slag, Tata Pravesh, Tata Structura and Tata Pipes.


Note: All figures for FY 2018-19
Operational strength

In India, Tata Steel operates integrated manufacturing facilities in Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar, with captive iron ore and coal mines, a dolomite mine, a chromite mine and manganese mines spread across Jharkhand, West Bengal and Odisha.

Raw materials

The making of steel depends on natural resources such as iron ore, coal and other minerals, which constitute our key raw materials. Our steelmaking operations at Jamshedpur and Kalinganagar secure 100% of their iron ore requirement from captive sources and this remains one of our biggest operational strengths. It helps us maintain cost-competitiveness and derive production efficiencies, while insulating us against volatility in the open market.

Ferro Alloys and Minerals Division

  • Largest non-steel business unit of Tata Steel
  • One of the leading global producers of chrome alloy
  • India’s largest producer of ferro chrome and leading producer of manganese alloy
  Manufacturing locations


  Downstream operations

Tubes manufacturing and tinplate

tarapur, pithampur, killa
Wire manufacturing

Bearings manufacturing

  Raw material locations

noamundi, joda east, katamati, khondbond
Iron ore mines and quarries

west bokaro
Open cast coal mines

jamadoba group, sijua group
Underground coal mines

  Raw materials revenue stream        FERRO ALLOYS AND MINERALS

joda, bamnipal, gopalpur
Ferro alloys plant

joda west, bambebari, malda, tiringpahar
Manganese mines

Chromite mine

Dolomite mine

Asia’s first integrated steel plant

Tata Steel Jamshedpur (TSJ) is our flagship facility. From driving the first stake into the soil of Sakchi village in 1908 to becoming India’s steel city, Jamshedpur (also known as Tatanagar) is the soul of the Tata story.

An industry benchmark

TSJ sets the yardstick for specific consumption of energy, refractory, pulverised coal injection and coke rates in India

Initiative to roll out process safety through a ‘Centre of Excellence’ methodology at Jamshedpur has been appreciated by World Steel Association as the ‘Best Practice’ of 2018 across the industry

Availability of critical manufacturing units

Our focus on asset management using data analytics and predictive modelling, has resulted in >90% availability of our key manufacturing units at Jamshedpur.

Key outputs

Hot rolled coils

Cold rolled coils

Wire rods

Galvanised coils


India’s largest single-location
Greenfield steel project

Tata Steel Kalinganagar (TSK) is our second integrated steel plant in India, manufacturing high-end flat products. Spread over 3,000 acres and commissioned in 2016, TSK attained production levels at its rated capacity in less than two years. We installed state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities to achieve a highly cost-competitive and productive plant. TSK is designed to have a minimal water as well as carbon footprint.

Key digital enablers

High-speed data extraction

Predictive maintenance deployment

3D printing

Data-backed decision- making and real-time monitoring

Advanced analytics

Artificial intelligence modelling

Key operational highlights

Fastest ramp up of Greenfield plant

Fastest stabilisation of 3 MnT+ size blast furnace in the world

5% reduction in manufacturing cost

60% reduction in product development time

Fastest time-to-market from order generation to fulfillment in Tata Steel

Fortifying tomorrow

Following the successful implementation of Phase I of the Kalinganagar Project in Odisha, we initiated the next phase of capacity expansion in Kalinganagar in FY 2018-19.

The project configuration and costs include investments in raw material capacity expansion, upstream and mid-stream facilities, infrastructure and downstream facilities. This will help us make value-added products like cold rolled galvanised and annealed products, as well as meet the requirements of automotive, general engineering and other high-end quality product market segments.

₹23,500 crore

capex allocation


capacity expansion

48 months

expected project completion

Note: All figures for FY 2018-19
Rich customer insight

Tata Steel is home to a comprehensive portfolio of products
and brands, catering to multiple industries and segments.
From the vehicle you drive, to the house you live in; from the
bridges you cross, to the hand tools that you use; the steel we
produce is an integral part of your everyday life.

‘AquaNest’ - Water Vending Kiosk, Nest-In
‘Pravesh’ steel door




Individual house builders (B2C)


Rural roofing (B2C)


Infrastructure (B2B)

Housing and commercial (B2ECA)

Products and brands

  • Tata Tiscon (rebars)
  • Tata Structura (pipes)
  • Tata Pravesh (doors and windows)


  • Tata Shaktee (roofing sheets)
  • Nest-in (housing water ATMs and bio-toilets)


  • TMT Rebars (higher diameter rebars and corrosion-resistant steel)
  • WAMA Walling Solutions (for rural and urban infrastructure)
Special purpose ball bearings
Hub unit bearings




Auto OEMs (B2B)


Auto ancillaries (B2B, B2ECA)

Products and brands

  • Hot rolled, cold rolled, coated sheets, steel coils and sheets


  • Hot rolled, cold rolled, coated steel coils and sheets
  • Precision tubes
  • Tyre bead wires and
  • Spring wires
  • Bearings
Steelium panel
Galvano panel


General engineering


Panel and appliances (B2ECA)
Fabrication and capital goods (B2ECA)
Furniture (B2ECA)

Products and brands

  • Steelium panel
  • Galvano panel
  • Appliance
Ferro chrome
Hot rolled






Welding (B2B)


Process industries such as cement, power and steel (B2B)

Products and brands

  • Rolled


  • Wire rods


  • Ferro chrome
  • Process tubes
  • Tata Astrum Super (retail hot rolled sheets for fabrication)
  • Tata Kosh (galvanised sheets for consumer durables in rural areas)
Garden tool sets
Chaff cutter




Agri equipment (B2B)


Fencing, farming and irrigation (B2C)

Products and brands

  • Bearings


  • Galvanised iron wires
  • Agri and garden tools
  • Conveyance tubes
Board of Directors

The trust that Tata Steel has garnered in the past 110 years is
an irreplaceable asset created through the efforts of
colleagues. Our leaders guide us towards a better tomorrow,
as we take this legacy forward and seek opportunities to
create new value in the age of accelerating change.

standing (left to right)

T. V. Narendran

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

V. K. Sharma

Non-Executive Director

Petrus Blauwhoff

Independent Director

Deepak Kapoor

Independent Director


Saurabh Agrawal

Non-Executive Director

Koushik Chatterjee

Executive Director and
Chief Financial Officer





sitting (left to right)

Aman Mehta

Independent Director

N. Chandrasekaran

Chairman of the Board and
Non-Executive Director

Mallika Srinivasan

Independent Director

O. P. Bhatt

Independent Director