Global Wires Business

The Global Wires Business (GWB) of the Company is one of the largest wire manufacturers in the world. It operates as a separate profit centre within the Group. GWB comprises Tata Steel's Wire Division in India, Siam Industrial Wire in Thailand and Lanka Special Steels Limited in Sri Lanka. GWB in Financial Year 2012-13 recorded revenues of USD 496 million on sale of 535 kt.

In Financial Year 2012-13, Global Wires through Siam Industrial Wire entered into a 60:40 joint venture with Nichia Steel Works, Japan. The joint venture "TSN Wires Co. Ltd" is in the process of setting up a 36,000 tpa greenfield plant at Rayong in Thailand for the manufacture of premium galvanised and aluminium coated steel wires. The products made at TSN Wires will be sold in Thailand, the ASEAN region and Oceania markets.

Wires produced in India

Tata Growth Shop

Tata Growth Shop (TGS) is a multi disciplinary engineering complex that designs and manufactures heavy engineering and material handling equipment including special purpose Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes. The manufacturing unit is situated in Gamharia, near Jamshedpur, spread over more than 350 acres.

TGS provides in-house design and manufacturing capability and contributes to the capital projects of the Company, notably, projects associated with the brownfield expansion at Jamshedpur. The various jobs executed by TGS for the 3 mtpa expansion project are as follows:

  • Designed, manufactured, erected and commissioned various equipment, EOT cranes, industrial structurals.
  • Completed and handed over Lime Calcination Plant on EPC basis.
  • Erected and commissioned Ladle Furnace and Hot Metal Desulphurisation plant.

Growth shop at Gamharia, India

Execution of the above work by TGS has resulted in savings of ~ Rs.100 crores through innovative solutions in both design and strategic procurement. TGS is now involved in the fabrication of the structurals and equipments for the Odisha project on a much larger scale and is poised to move up the value chain with enhanced product offerings.


Tata Steel supplies agricultural equipment

The Agrico division has been in operation since 1923-24 and owns one of the oldest Tata brands to reach the Indian households–Tata Agrico. The product range includes Hoes, Sickles, Crowbars, Shovels, Pick Axes, Hammers and others. Tata Agrico has played a major role in developing agricultural implements which are much easier to use and provide better value to Indian farmers. The Agrico division of Tata Steel follows a unique model of not having its own manufacturing facilities but outsourcing its entire product range to external processing agents.

This novel business model led to changes in the cost structure, combined with leveraging channel capabilities to the maximum, to generate operating profits. Today the brand 'Tata Agrico – a bond of trust' has captured the mindshare of its customers.

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