1. Export performance
  1. Activities relating to exports:

    Tata Steel exported to USA, European Union, Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Afghanistan and to SAARC countries its products like H.R. Coils, Ferro Chrome, Wires in the Financial Year 2012-13. The Company exported H.R. Coils to customers in Middle East, Thailand, Vietnam & Korea to enhance utilisation of TSCR (Thin Slab Caster) products. The longs products division continued to have its presence in markets of strategic importance viz., SAARC countries. Wires division explored new and more remunerative markets like Iraq, Jordan, Qatar and Afghanistan. Ferro Alloys Division was awarded in the Financial Year 2012-13 by Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC India) for 'Star Performer in Ferro Alloys in 2010-11'.

  2. Initiatives taken to increase exports during the Financial Year 2012-13:
    • Flat Products: Tata Steel has increased its share of business in neighbouring markets by 60% with Key Customers and also exported our products to Countries in SE Asia and Middle East.
    • Wires: In wires new and more remunerative markets like Iraq , Jordan, Qatar and Afghanistan were explored in the Financial Year 2012-13. The tonnage exported was 1200 mt.
    • Ferro Alloys and Minerals: The division completed REACH (Registration Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals) registration for sales of Ferro Chrome in EU and trial orders were executed. In US, DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) supply capability was achieved and trial orders were executed to the tune of 988 mt of Ferro Chrome.
  3. Development of new export markets for products and services:
    • Flat Products: The Company developed several new customers in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and UAE. In neighbouring markets of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka the Company served new customers for H.R. Coils. 130 kt of H.R. Coils from TSCR was exported in the Financial Year 2012-13.
    • Wires: We developed 5 new markets and 15 new customers (including winning back lost customers). Approx. 20% of total sales came from these customers/markets.
    • Ferro Alloys and Minerals: FAM Division increased export sales of Manganese alloys by 112% and Ferro Chrome by 13%, while expanding presence in premium geographies like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Europe. In Manganese Alloys, highest ever exports was achieved in the Financial Year 2012-13 ~56 kt. For the future, new products are being developed for new markets in Ferro Chrome and Manganese Alloys.
  4. Export plans:
    • Flat Products: Going Forward, in the Financial Year 2013-14 Flat products exports ABP is for ~ 350 kt primarily of H.R. Coils.
    • Long Products: Near term plan is to maintain the presence with some key relationship customers.
    • Wires: In the Financial Year 2013-14 the focus is to further develop export markets for key products.
    • FAM Division: Going forward, FAM Division plans to set up DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) facilities in Korea and EU to expand market share in these geographies. The Company plans to increase Ferro Chrome export sales by 7% in the Financial Year 2013-14, with focus on Japan, Korea and Taiwan market. In Manganese Alloys, there is a planned increase of export sales by 40% in the Financial Year 2013-14, with entry into unexplored geographies.
  1. Total foreign exchange used and earned:

    This has been covered as a part of the notes to the financial statements in this Annual Report.