Steel Division Absorption Status of Implementation
a) Electric Blowers for 'H' Blast Furnace 2009 Commissioned
b) Top Gas Recovery Turbine for 'H' Blast Furnace 2009 Commissioned
c) Flat Cast House Design for 'H' Blast Furnace 2009 Commissioned
d) Internal Stoves for 'H' Blast Furnace 2009 Commissioned
e) Use of mixed gas in place for CO gas, for firing in 7th Lime Kiln 2009 Commissioned
f) New Billet Caster having all the latest facilities and having 9 m casting radius installed in an existing building suitable for 6 m casting radius, by going underground and taking the pass line to (-)3.3 m level 2009 Commissioned
g) Use of hydraulic mould occilator and hydraulically operated turn over cooling bed at CC 3 at LD Shop 1 2009 Commissioned
h) Robotised Sample Testing Laboratory at LD Shop No. 1 2009 Commissioned
i) Top Gas Recovery Turbine for 'G' Blast Furnace 2010 Commissioned
j) 4th Stove for 'G' Blast Furnace to facilitate relining of other stoves, without hampering hot metal production 2010 Commissioned
k) Continuous Emission Monitoring stations at 4 locations inside Tata Steel Works 2010 Commissioned
l) Installation of Roll Coating & Drying System at Continuous Galvanising Line at Cold Rolling Mill 2011 Commissioned
m) Use of Blast Furnace Gas at New Reheating Furnace using regenerative burners at Hot Strip Mill 2011 Commissioned
n) Installation of Chiller system for maintaining temperature of cooling medium for 'H' Bl. Fce Blower Drives at Blower House No. 5 2011 Commissioned
o) Installation of 6.0 mtpa Pellet Plant for making pellets using iron ore fines, for use in Blast Furnaces 2012 Commissioned
p) Installation of New Steel Melting Shop (LD3), and one strand of Thin Slab Casting & Rolling (TSCR) facility 2012 Commissioned
q) Pipe Conveyor in the Lime handling circuit 2012 Commissioned
r) Rapid Loading Station at Dispatch Yard of Noamundi Iron Ore Mines, including Extromat Silo Extractor in the fines circuit 2012 Commissioned
s) Barrel Reclaimer at Noamundi Iron Mines 2012 Commissioned
t) Installation of 0.25 mtpa FHCR (Full Hard Cold Rolling) Mill at Bara in Jamshedpur 2012 Commissioned
u) Installation of Coke Dry Quenching facilities at Coke Oven Battery Nos. 5, 6 & 7 2012 Commissioned
v) Installation of Compactor at Wire Rod Mill 2012 Commissioned
w) Installation of 0.7 mtpa capacity 5 metres tall Stamp Charge Coke Oven Battery No. 10 with pushing, charging and quenching emission control systems 2013 Commissioned
x) 2 Nos. of 600 tpd capacity, suspended cylinder Lime Kilns 2013 Commissioned
y) Installation of second strand of TSCR 2013 Commissioned
z) Online continuous emission monitoring system for stack emissions and ambient air quality 2013 Commissioned
aa) Coromax Technology for Power Saving in ESP at Sinter Plant No. 3 2013 Commissioned
ab) Composting Plant for Canteen waste 2013 Commissioned
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