101st Annual Report 2007 - 2008

A Shared Vision

Managing a global workforce and setting global benchmarks is primarily about managing diversity. The ability to maximise business opportunities and meet challenges so that value can be created for stakeholders is something that can be achieved through a process of inclusive growth, one in which every person contributes to the blueprint for the future and is truly committed to the stated objectives. And one of the key requisites for successful diversity management is a shared vision.

The Vision 2012 for the Tata Steel Group was co-created by its people across its various locations – from Jamshedpur in India, to the United Kingdom, to South East Asia, to the Netherlands. Driven as much by its commitment to society as by its performance and profits, the Tata Steel Vision aspires to make the Group the global industry benchmark for both Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship.

The key drivers of the Group Vision will manifest themselves in the goals and objectives the Group sets for itself in the coming years.

This shared Vision is a call to action for Tata Steel’s people, to work together to a future that holds a promise of tremendous growth for all its constituents and the world at large.