Directory of group companies
Name Holding Type Holding (%)
Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited Subsidiary 100
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited (formerly Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Subsidiary 100
Kalimati Global Shared Services Limited Subsidiary 100
Rujuvalika Investments Limited Subsidiary 100
T S Alloys Limited Subsidiary 100
TSIL Energy Limited Subsidiary 100
Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited (formerly Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited) Subsidiary 100
The Tata Pigments Limited Subsidiary 100
Tata Steel Foundation Subsidiary 100
Jamshedpur Football and Sporting Private Limited Subsidiary 100
Bhubaneshwar Power Private Limited Subsidiary 100
Bamnipal Steel Limited Subsidiary 100
Bhushan Steel (Orissa) Limited Subsidiary 100
Bhushan Steel (South) Limited Subsidiary 100
Bhushan Steel (Madhya Bharat) Ltd. Subsidiary 100
The Indian Steel & Wire Products Ltd. Subsidiary 95.01
Subarnarekha Port Private Limited Subsidiary 50.41
Adityapur Toll Bridge Company Limited Subsidiary 88.50
The Tinplate Company of India Limited Subsidiary 74.96
Tata Steel BSL Limited Subsidiary 72.65
Haldia Water Management Limited Subsidiary 60
Tata Metaliks Limited Subsidiary 55.06
Tayo Rolls Limited Subsidiary 54.91
Tata Steel Long Products Limited (formerly Tata Sponge Iron Limited) Subsidiary 54.50
Creative Port Development Private Limited Subsidiary 51
Angul Energy Limited (formerly Bhushan Energy Limited) Associate 99.99
Bhushan Capital & Credit Services Private Limited Associate 42.58
Jawahar Credit & Holdings Private Limited Associate 39.65
TRF Limited Associate 34.11
Tata NYK Shipping (India) Private Limited Joint Venture 100
TKM Global Logistics Limited Joint Venture 100
Naba Diganta Water Management Limited Joint Venture 74
TM International Logistics Limited Joint Venture 51
Jamshedpur Continuous Annealing & Processing Company Private Limited Joint Venture 51
SEZ Adityapur Limited Joint Venture 51
Mjunction Services Limited Joint Venture 50
Tata BlueScope Steel Private Limited Joint Venture 50
Jamipol Limited Joint Venture 39.78
Himalaya Steel Mills Services Private Limited Joint Venture 26
Industrial Energy Limited Joint Venture 26
Medica TS Hospital Private Limited Joint Venture 26
Nicco Jubilee Park Limited Joint Venture 25.31