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Greenfection is the consciousness and resolve to impact the environment in a positive way. It is an initiative from Tata Steel with an aim to spread the message of green from people to people exponentially. Anyone and everyone who cares about the environment and is willing to take action can be a part of this movement.

How to spread #Greenfection?
Talk about #Greenfection. Share your innovative ideas on saving the environment. Greenfect anyone and everyone.

Greenfection Pledge

I pledge to #BeatAirPollution, #ConserveWater, #ConserveEnergy, #QuitSingleUsePlastic, #PreserveBiodiversity, #ReduceWastage and

Spread Greenfection.
Catch It. Spread It.

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Taking environmental management in our own hands

We believe responsible environmental performance is an inherent element of our business strategy and these practices help us achieve a leadership position in the industry. Huge investments have been made on environmental management efforts with a keen focus on sustainability. Our focus points include: emissions, water management, energy conservation, investing in a circular economy, avoiding the use of plastic and biodiversity.