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2025 Goals 2030 Goals
Climate Change
  • Achieve CO2 emission intensity of less than 2 tCO2 /tcs for Tata Steel India
  • Achieve CO2 emission intensity of less than 1.8 tCO2 /tcs Tata Steel India
  • Achieve specific freshwater consumption of 2 m3 /tcs across all steel making sites
  • Achieve specific freshwater consumption of less than 1.5 m3 /tcs across all steel making sites
  • Aim for water neutrally
Circular economy
  • Achieve material efficiency of 99% at all steelmaking sites
  • Sustain material efficiency at 100% at all steelmaking sites
  • Increase IBMD EBITDA by 2.4 times over 2020
  • Build recycling business in steel and other materials (>5 MnTPA)
  • Develop and implement Biodiversity Management Plan (BMPs) for all operations sites (including raw material locations)
  • Aspire for no net loss of biodiversity
Dust emission
  • Achieve specific dust emission intensity of 0.4 kg/tcs of Tata Steel India
  • Achieve benchmark dust emission intensity by adopting best availability technology
Supply chain
  • Coverage of 100% critical supply chain partners of ESG risk assessment and collaboration for risk management
  • Integrate ESG performance of partners in procurement decision-making
Product sustainability
  • Cover 100% of steelmaking and downstream sites under Life Cycle Assessment
  • Disclose environment performance of 100% of products
ResponsibleSteelTM certification
  • Certification of all steelmaking sites

Material issues addressed
  • CO2 emission
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water Consumptions and effluent discharge
  • Air pollution
  • Waste Management
  • Circular economy
  • Renewable and clean energy
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Biodiversity