Setting objectives and targets
To achieve the sustainability goals, the organization has identified twelve (12) key enterprise processes (Figure-1.7) critical to the growth and success of the organization. A member of the Senior Management Team manages each enterprise process. The process owner and the owners of various sub-processes under a particular key enterprise process have started mapping the stakeholders and identifying stakeholder concerns through a structured engagement and feedback process. These stakeholder concerns are analyzed, prioritized and form inputs to the strategic goals under that particular process as a part of Corporate Sustainability Management. Senior Management at present tracks the performance of the targets, taken against each strategic goal, through a review process under TBEM. The organizations key objectives have been identified at Figure 1.6 and are deployed through the MD’s Balance Score Card provided at Section-3.7.
Sl. No Enterprise Process   Process Owner
1 Leadership


2 Strategic Planning & Risk Management MD
3 Market Development DMD (S)
4 Investment Management VP (F)
5 Human Resources VP (HRM)
6 Improvement & Change Management MD
7 Order Generation DMD (S)
8 Operation and Fulfillment DMD (S)
9 Inbound Supply Management Chief (SC)
10 Research & Development Chief (R&D)
11 Information Management CIO
12 Social Responsibility & Corporate Services DMD (CS)

Figure-1.7 : Key Enterprise Process

The objectives and targets of the organization related to sustainability issues reflect in the top management commitment. The MD’s Balance Score Card serves as a framework within which the top management commitments are cascaded down to the level of Dy. Managing Director, Vice Presidents, Divisional Heads and Departmental Heads. The Balanced Score Card prepared at each level is implemented by concerned agencies and reviewed under Tata Business Excellence Model by Senior Management. MD’s Balance Scorecard in line with the strategic goals and objectives of the organization delineates the targets and measures for each of the strategic objectives.