2.1    Reporting Organization:

The Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited

2.2     Major Products & Services, including Brands

Major Products & Services offered by Tata Steel include;
Long Products     Wire Rods, Rebars, Forging Quality Steel
Flat Products Hot & Cold Rolled Sheets, Hot & Cold Rolled Coils, Galvanized Coils & Sheets, Hot Rolled Plates
Semi Finished Steel Products Billets, Blooms, Slabs
Tubes Standard pipes, ERW Precision Tubes, Closed Structural
Bearings Rolled Rings, Forged Rings, Machines Rings, Bearings
Minerals Coal & Coke, Iron Ore, Dolomite, Chrome Ore & Chrome Concentrate
Others Ferro Alloys, Agriculture implements, Services like project studies, design & engineering, personnel and technical training, automation, information technology and power & water.

To enhance the net realisation and to combat the commodity nature of steel, the company, apart from improving the product mix, is increasingly differentiating its products through “Branding” beginning with TATA TISCON reinforced bars, TATA PIPES, TATA BEARINGS, TATA AGRICO for agriculture implements, TATA STEELIUM for cold rolled steel and TATA SHAKTI galvanised corrugated sheet. Products manufactured at different locations reach the consumer through direct despatch or through a network of retail stockyards located in all major cities in India. Customised products are also delivered to end users through various conversion agents.

2.3    Operational Structure

Board of Directors
Mr. R N Tata (Chairman)
Mr. Keshub Mahindra
Mr. Nusli N Wadia
Mr. S M Palia
Mr. P K Kaul (Financial Institutions’ Nominee)
Mr. Suresh Krishna
Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla   
Mr. Ishaat Hussain
Dr. Jamshed J. Irani
Mr. B Jitender (Financial Institutions’ Nominee)
Mr. B Muthuraman (Managing Director)
Dr. T Mukherjee (Whole-time Director)
Mr. A N Singh (Whole-time Director)

The operational structure is furnished at Figure# 2.1.

2.4 Major Divisions / Operating Companies / Subsidiaries & Joint Ventures.

Head Office – Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Plant Locations: India  
Company’s Steel Works Jamshedpur, (Jharkhand)
Tubes Division Jamshedpur, (Jharkhand)
Ferro Manganese Plant Joda, (Orissa)
Charge Chrome Plant Bamnipal, (Orissa)
CRC (West) Tarapur, (Maharashtra)
Bearing Division Kharagpur, West Bengal 
Noamundi Mines State of Jharkhand
Joda & Sukinda Mines State of Orissa
West Bokaro & Jamadoba State of Jharkhand
Dodkanya State of Karnataka
Marketing offices and Stock Yards New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, Patna, Kolkata, Mumbai. Nagpur, Bangalore, Kochin, Gowahati & Chennai. 
Subsidiary Companies Tata Refractories, Tata Pigments, Kalimati Investment Company, Tata Korf Engineering Services, Tata Incorporated New York, Stewards & Lloyds of India, TM International Logistics Ltd, ISWP, Lanka Special Steels Limited
Associated Companies Tinplate Co. of India, TRF Ltd., Tata Yodogawa, Tata Ryerson, Tata Metallics, Tata Limited London, Tata Sponge, Jamipol & Metal


2.5 Country in which we operate

The operations of the organization are located mainly in India. However there are marketing offices located in London, Singapore & Dubai.

The subsidiary companies are those, which are wholly owned by Tata Steel and associate companies are those, which are partially owned by Tata Steel. Tata Steel has no joint ventures companies. There are several ancillary industries around Tata Steel enterprises all over the country, which cater to the requirement of spare parts, and consumables required in the production facilities. The records of their locations and numbers of such ancillary units are currently not being compiled by the organization. Similarly, there are conversion agents, dealers and retailers all over the country, the records for which have also not been complied during the reporting period due to non-availability of the information on GRI indicators. These details will be provided in subsequent reports in an incrementally phased manner.

2.6 Ownership and Legal form

A Public Limited Company, Tata Steel is headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Its stock is listed and traded on Stock Exchanges located at Mumbai & Kolkata. Global Depository Receipts (GDR) issued by the company in the International market has been listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. As on 31.03.04, there were 368,981,904 ordinary shareholders (Rs.10.00 per share).

Distribution of Shareholding
Number of Ordinary Shares Held Number of Shareholders
31.03.2003 (%) 31.03.2004 (%)
1 to 100 71.99 71.54
101 to 500 22.00 22.07
501 to 1000 3.35 3.50
1001 to 10000 2.51 2.71
Over 10000 0.15 0.18
   100.00 100.00


Categories of Shareholders
Category Number of

Voting Strength
31.03.03 31.03.04 31.03.03
Number of Ordinary
Shares Held
31.03.04 31.03.03
Individuals 557,584 657,767 28.49 32.46 105,124,034 119,365,229
Unit Trust of India 1 1 1.50 2.59 5,552,742 9,535,395
Life Insurance Corporation of India 1 1 12.72 13.43 46,930,800 49,402,824
Govt. & Other Public Financial Institutions 65 64 6.21 6.82 22,938,129 25,046,145
Tata Group Companies 15 17 26.29 26.41 97,014,942 97,133,796
Companies 6193 6547 6.36 5.85 23,449,193 21,510,823
Nationalised Banks, Mutual Funds & Trusts 274 94 5.11 7.68 18,842,100 28,258,644
Foreign Institutional Investors
185 72 13.32 4.76 49,129,964 17,519,045
TOTAL     564,318 664,563 100.00 100.00 368,981,904 367,771,901

2.7 Markets We Serve

The products manufactured by Tata Steel cater to the consumer sectors such as Auto / Auto ancillaries, consumer durables, construction/infrastructure, capital goods, general engineering and railways. Typically 85% of the production is sold in the domestic market and balance is exported. The customer services include application engineering support and visits by customer application managers to provide solutions to the industry. Figure 2.2 under Section 2.9 gives further details of the key customers in targeted sector and their requirements.