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Structural Steel



Tata Steel offers a comprehensive range of structural steel products. Tata Steel Europe's product portfolio in this segment includes Structural Hollow Sections, and Building Systems. The recent introduction of Celsius ® 420 high strength hot finished tubes indicate that Tata Steel structural steel products continue to deliver in an industry where high performance and aesthetics are critical factors.


Tata Steel Europe is one of the world's leading producers of steel tube. It has been producing Celsius ® hot finished and Hybox ® cold formed hollow sections for more than 50 years. Read More


Tata Structura steel hollow sections manufactured by Tata Steel, command several techno-economic advantages over conventional steel sections. Tata Structura provides better compressive strength than the traditional products because of their lower slenderness ratio and higher yield strength. Read More


Launched in 2000, Tata Tiscon is the first Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar in the country. Every Tata Tiscon rebar is made from pure steel, with the most advanced TMT technology from Tempcore, Belgium empowered with the latest technology supplied by Morgan, USA. It is available for both residential and project applications and sells through an established network of nearly 4000 dealers across India. Tiscon ReadyBuild is a rebar downstream service that presently offers Cut & Bend service aimed at providing customized rebars needed at the construction sites. Read More


Tata Steel South East Asia operations supplies premium reinforcement steel to the construction industry, including rebars and wire rods as well as customised solutions that enhance productivity and safety for customers. NatSteel is a leading producer in the Asia Pacific region while Tata Steel Thailand is the largest manufacturer and distributor of long steel products including rebars, cut-and- bend, and special bar quality steel products in Thailand.


Know more about Structural Steel products manufactured by NatSteel and Tata Steel Thailand.