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A wide variety of bearings and auto assemblies are manufactured by Tata Steel at its Bearings Division in India, which has a production capacity of 30 million bearing numbers per annum. Over the years, a highly performance-driven approach has helped Tata Bearings achieve an influential and crucial position in its target industry segment. Tata Bearings Division of Tata Steel Limited is one of India's largest quality bearing manufacturers, with a production capacity of 37 million bearing numbers. It is the only bearings manufacturer in India to win the TPM Award (2004) from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Tokyo.


The company is foremost in the manufacturing of a wide variety of bearings and auto assemblies and the product range includes Bearings & Auto Assemblies Components, Ball Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Magneto Bearings, Clutch Release Assemblies, Fan Support Assemblies and Cylindrical Roller Bearings. Read More